Lets talk about MSX

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By defdanny

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23-05-2020, 18:24

hamlet wrote:

In retrospect, we can think of many things that we would have liked to mention, especially the sector of the games was then very scarce.
But it would be great if we could bring in future editions where we would be able to focus on individual games. everyone is invited to join in:If you feel like it, the guys from retro compote have an open ear for short episodes, which you can simply send in as audio file.
Imagine for example a short snippet for each Konami game, with storyline, tricks and background.

Yes, I heard about that possibility, when you spoke with Patrick about it in the last episode. I like the idea of delivering some audio content about MSX games to a german podcast... just to make other retro fans (from other systems) curious about them. and make it easier for them to access the games.
Every time I listened to your host Patrick, when he introduced the MSX special during the podcast, it became obvious that the MSX system is such an exotic platform for the german retro community. I think it is worth to "show em what we got"! Wink

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