Looking for the MIDI-PAC2 Roland MT-32 MPC file

By raymond

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19-11-2019, 14:53

I am looking for the MPC file for a Roland MT-32 for the MIDI-PAC2. On the Worp website they have it for the previous version of the MIDI-Pac, but not for the MIDI-PAC2.

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By Meits

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19-11-2019, 15:32

Sorry, I do not own an MT32.
Maybe WORP3 can convert it for you? MIDI Pac 2 can do the same and more than #1, so based on the #1 version of the MPC file it should be possible to create a #2 MPC file. That would not get all potential out of your MIDI Pac 2, but at least it would sound the same... In theory.
I'd say send him a mail.