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By Meits

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28-04-2018, 15:33

Sorry, I do not remember... I was there once, a few weeks ago and it went wrong too often loading MSX2(+) stuff with an MSX1, so I downloaded the images in stead... Here I just want to mention that this is going on. It's up to you if you want to fix it Wink

By Manuel

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28-04-2018, 16:15

Willing to, but please write down the issues here next time. I really expect only a few mistakes... you may have been (un)lucky...

By Philip

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28-04-2018, 19:24

Manuel wrote:
Philip wrote:

Well, better late than never Smile Page 12 is missing in MCM42. It has page 11 twice....

Should be fixed now, thanks for reporting!

Thanks Manuel !

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