metal gear: the movie

By poke-1,170

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30-08-2012, 18:21

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By anonymous

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30-08-2012, 18:55

So they finally pushed it through? Quite a while earlier, there were plans aired to make a movie out of it. Christian Bale was said to express interest to take the role of Snake at the time. I hope he gets the part - he would be perfect.

On the other hand, those MGS games are pretty much movies already. I hope a motion picture would add at least something.

And shame on the guys at Latino Review for not knowing how Google works.

EDIT: way more info here.

By Manuel

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30-08-2012, 21:42

Cool, they know their stuff at the Guardian:


The Metal Gear series, which started out on the cult MSX computer in 1987, but became world famous when it hit PlayStation in 1998, would seem to be highly suitable for movie adaptation.

But... cult computer? Tongue

By JohnHassink

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30-08-2012, 21:53

Yes, that "cult computer" bit made me stop and reflect about it for a while, too. Smile

By poke-1,170

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01-09-2012, 14:13

how about casting mel gibson... or sean connery ? oh wait ehmm

By MsxKun

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01-09-2012, 14:32

If they are pixelated enought....