Metal Gear MSX Collection for Dreamcast

By Pentarou

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11-09-2018, 23:31

Well, don't know if this is the correct forum section but anyway...
The MSX Metal Gear games have been ported to SEGA Dreamcast!
Head over to ASSEMbler forum for a downloadable SDISO or CD image.

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By hamlet

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13-09-2018, 11:49

Recently I bought a Bleemcast for Metal Gear Solid and played this game once again after almost 20 years. The Dreamcast is my most favourite retro console. Nice to play the old MSX version on the DC!

By Psygnosis8

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17-09-2018, 16:36

Wow, this is...unexpected.

And I just started playing MG2 on my MSX, really enjoying those simple and convenient passwords!
This is probably a much nicer option.

By hamlet

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17-09-2018, 22:03

Well, that seems to be deceptive, unfortunately. A first play made you appetite for more, but after a few moments it turns out that the MSX emulator of the Dreamcast is very susceptible. The music already gives bad hints in the intro, the timing in the game itself hangs on many situations. basically fast clocked gameplay (I have played in the usual 60hz mode) the valves run out in graphically more complex programmed sequences of the hardware.
This experience takes away my courage to test other MSX games on the dreamcast. Too bad.
I'm tested MG on real Sega hardware, maybe the result on an emulator will differ.