By wolf_

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12-08-2020, 19:23

So, I bumped onto this one from a Lilypond group on Facebook. Lilypond is a scripting language to make sheet music. It's a tiny little bit like MML but much more vast obviously. I use it from time to time, to convert MSX game music to score, so that later on I can convert score to music again. Also, it's just fun doing this.
Anyway. There's a tool, called Frescobaldi, that is a kind of "IDE" for Lilypond, with syntax colors, code folding 'n such. Frescobaldi was made by Mr. WB-ASS2! And here's a vid, MSX being mentioned briefly at the start:

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By Parn

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12-08-2020, 21:49

Very cool!

By Thom

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12-08-2020, 23:17

Nice! So he was only 17/18 when he made WB-ASS2 Eek!