MSX ASCII documentation

By Bas040

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01-11-2020, 12:38

ASCII produced/released several documents in the English language.

MSX Technical Data Book

MSX2 Technical Handbook

MSX Technical Data Book Supplement for MSX2

Mine has the following content:

MSX2 Language extensions to the MSX-Basic Version 1.0
Notes for MSX Software Developers
MSX-2 I/O Address Map
MSX2 Basic Input/Output System entry
MSX Memory Organization Information

Is this copy complete?

MSX2 Technical Data Book

The first 4 chapters are in fact updated versions of the chapters in MSX Technical Data Book Supplement for MSX2.
Does a digital copy of this document exists?

MSX Documentation Package
I have three blue Philips binders. Those binders are also mentioned in previous posts.

"MSX Standard" which contains the MSX Technical Data Book and the MSX2 Technical Databook
"Component Data Book" which contains o.a. VG338 Technical Data Book and S-3527 documentation
"Bios Firmware Listings" which contains the MSX2 Bios Listings

Unfortunately my copy only contains the first 15 chapters. I know several copies of the MSX2 Bios listings are floating around. But I have the impression they all stop at chapter 15.

Does anybody have a complete copy of this listing?

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By ray2day

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01-11-2020, 14:12

I have a MSX Technical Data Book (Sony) here. It has 340 pages. Of course there is a BIOS entry list in it and a list of BIOS calls, but I can't find a list simular to the list shown above.

By sd_snatcher

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01-11-2020, 17:23

Even a partial listing would be of great help. If the rest is found later, it can simply be added.

By Skyblasc

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01-12-2020, 19:18

Just a question: The BIOS listing in the MSX2 Technical Handbook is not a complete list then? There are 126 BIOS entries in Appendix 1, how it compares to the document you are questioning ( MSX2 bios firmware listing) ? The same number of entries, more, less,...

By Bas040

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01-12-2020, 23:23

The listing is the commented source listing of the MSX2 Bios. Although I'm not sure if it's the final version.
It's a huge pile of pages, an example:

It's on my to do list to scan the document.