MSX compatibility logos

By Ivan

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07-08-2004, 13:23

Who was (is) the owner of that logos?

It seems clear that the MSX, MSX2, MSX2+ and MSXturboR logos were property of ASCII (maybe now they belong to the MSX Association).

But what about the MSX-Music and SCC logos? (And the tape, ROM and MegaROM ones?)

I suppose that ASCII had some kind of politics to permit their use. How it worked? In Europe they were barely used by software companies.

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By Ivan

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07-08-2004, 13:25

When you bought a cartridge it was very comfortable to know what kind of ROM were you buying and its specs only by seeing that logos.

By snout

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07-08-2004, 16:17

As a matter of fact we're trying to figure that out as we speak. It takes some sorting out though. I hope we can announce something about it on our frontpage in the near future.