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By Louthrax

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13-08-2017, 15:58

Let's post some MSX related lolcats pictures or videos here :)

I'll start with that puppy cat girl we received from friends yesterday. She looks nice like that:

But appeared to have a real knack for MSX keyboards, cables, chips and various tools:

(must say I'm a bit worried about my hardware integrity... specially claw scratches on the VG-8235 painting...)

and also shmups:

pretty hard to play Kyokugen staying on the screen sides and beeing chased by cat claws!

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By Grauw

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13-08-2017, 18:14

Daww Smile2

By Pippo

Champion (428)

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13-08-2017, 20:03

Wonderful, Louthrax! Big smile
I like cats a lot! Big smile
You are really lucky! Smile


Guardian (5436)

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13-08-2017, 21:37

I usually have a couple of guardians around me, they are probably waiting to play Nyanpi. LOL!

By Louthrax

Prophet (2167)

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13-08-2017, 21:45

Nice beasts Smile Have to show that Nyanpi game to Mina here (also have to do a video showing her trying to catch Popolon in Knightmare!)


Enlighted (5442)

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13-08-2017, 22:14

By Jipe

Paragon (1371)

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13-08-2017, 22:22

warning with cats , he love electronic board and urinate on
protect your MSX of male cats Wink

By Louthrax

Prophet (2167)

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13-08-2017, 22:48

@NYYRIKKI, nice nordic long-haired cat, with its winter coat Smile
And another one in the same style named "MSX - CAT - Trackball" Wink

@Jipe,that's why we choosed a female!

By Meits

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13-08-2017, 23:27

Poor cat can't be photographed anymore, but she had her fun

By hamlet

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14-08-2017, 13:01

Nice cat(s)!
Lili has grewn up in a cats family, so I hope there is room for my dog here, too.
We will start to go visiting my grandmother and need to pack all stuff. As there is always to less space for the real important things, I decided to let Lili also carry some things.

By hamlet

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14-08-2017, 16:28

Caught him:


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