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By mighty.m

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15-08-2003, 14:45

maybe an interesting topic... (just an idea... don't shoot me if not) post your contributions to the MSX-scene over the years here... Wink


- MAINLY graphical design
- minor progging skills

Kenda (1996-today?)
Unknown -Mindless Triumph- (Musicdisk MSX-AUDIO)
Music Maniac (Musicdisk MSX-STEREO)
Music Maniac 2 (Musicdisk MoonSound)

Datax (1997-1998)
Track 3 to 6 (Dutch Diskmagazine) _texts & GFX
Overload (Musicdisk MoonSound & MSX-STEREO) _did some GFX

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By snout

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15-08-2003, 14:55

Nice idea. However, be sure to check your 'my account' settings for your capabilities. We'll use those skills for an interesting feature in the future. Add yourself to the contacts list while you're at it Smile

But euhm


- Musician in any tracker. Favorites: Moonblaster 1.4, Meridian, Musica (REALLY!!)
- Minor coding skills
- Always full of ideas Smile

Flying Bytes (1990 - today, as the foundation still is alive.. a bit Tongue)

- MEG -> Annoyed an entire Zandvoort fair to hell with my remix of POING!
- Move the Huose (yup it was spelled this way on the disklabels) -> Annoyed people even more with boring housetunes created in about 1 or 2 days.
- Not Again! -> Although the game was quite annoying (level 3, singleplayer mwuhahahah) I still kinda like the music I made for it. Well.. the introdemo, menu song and one of the levelsongs Wink
- Final Future - the unfinished master-game of Flying Bytes. Combination of Metal Gear, Contra and any other cool game you can think of. You can find the songs I made for it in the downloads section

MSX Resource Center

- Joined in 1999/2000. Nuff said.

The Very Secret Team

- TVSP. Can't tell more about it than the meaning of this abbreviation: The Very Secret Project. You'll never know what hit you. :P

By chaos

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15-08-2003, 15:32

Code: basic/asm
Music: Scc Blaffer/Moonblasters

past projects:
All TeddyWareZ projects: parts of code/gfx all musics
Tunez 1: Garfield ed. (created by Sander Niessen): music
Pentaro Oddysey 2: music
xmas demo 2002: code/gfx ripping
bifi's musical memory xmas ed. : music
bifi's musical memory FD ed. : music
smaller projects I forgot about ;)

TVSP: see snouts post ;)
the lost world: moonsound conversion
deltasoft's konami quiz: SCC music
new group, new stuff (games)

By cax

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15-08-2003, 15:35

Well, I see this topic as an additional chance to advertise my project.

After years of extensive fmsx testing and reporting bugs to Marcel de Kogel and Marat Fayzullin, I bought myself Yamaha MSX2 and started coding again.

What I've done so far:

1) created Japanese and English disk versions of Solid Snake Demo for 128K RAM MSX
2) adapted RNC PRO-PACK decompression code for use on MSX
3) used this compression scheme to create more than 70 self-extracting disk versions of MegaROMs. (I also added an SCC auto-detection to some of them.)
4) found the way and tools to load the games above on a diskless MSX2 (from CD via tape interface) in only 3 to 6.5 min.

My future plans:

1) I help WYZ to create tool that will make tape loading even faster
2) Advertising my project for owners of diskless 128K MSX2 machines - I hope this may stimulate interest in using again these tens of thousands MSX2 machines spread in ex-USSR and in the other places where such computers are common.
3) Finiding more time for MSX-ing, because now I am a father of a newborn daughter Smile

For more details, anybody can contact me at borus@<I_DONT_LIKE_SPAM>

By anonymous

incognito ergo sum (118)

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15-08-2003, 16:27

Coding: BASIC MSX/Q(uick), ASM Z80/R800/Z380/ARM/x86, C (and a bit C++)
Music: FM rulez!
Graphics: logos, fonts, conversion

Founded The New Image in 1991 by starting a BBS (24hrs/day up until 1997) and recruiting members through it.

Worked on:
TURBO-R: Introduction program, graphics and a couple of songs.
Sunrise Picturedisk #9 intro: Graphics and music
Sunrise Picturedisk ?? demo (Evolution): Graphics and music
Revolution (megademo): Graphics, most music, some ideas
M.U.S.I.C. (musicdisk): Graphics, some music
TNI Windows '95: Some graphics, some music
Key to Another World (PD game for HCC 10th anniversary): Graphics, music
Project Banshee (unfinished game): Graphics, music
Kumoko & Yumeko (unfinished game): In-game graphics, some music, storyline, ideas
GEM (Gameboy Emulator for MSX): Programming
GEMZ (GEM for Z380): Working on it
TVSP (The Very Secret Project): Currently working on it

tniASM (Z80/R800/GBZ80 Cross Assembler)

I think I might've forgot something, but this should be fairly complete. New projects are still in the pipeline (one of which ever since 1994 ^^;) so keep an eye on our homepage!

See, I forgot stuff. oO
Around 1993 I did programming on the BBS system and wrote TNI-Term, a terminal program.

By Arjan

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15-08-2003, 16:43

-coding (BASIC, Z80, ARM, C, VB and more)
-music (only small tunes, ~4 patterns Smile )

-MFZ (diskmagazine which lasted 12 issues)
-Guido's Lost In Plantinus (officially the worst MSX game according to the latest poll)
-Advanced BASIC, an extension
-Writing lots of texts for the FutureDisk (29-42(ish))
-more stuff not worth mentioning here,like the typical rehearsal tools Smile

-Several games for the FutureDisk:
Fruit Land (my first game in ASM)
Metal Gear Special
Tubby Academy (featuring oh so cool music by Jorito)

-Several tools while working on Bombaman
Bombed, a level editor for Bombaman
MSL, Moonsound Sample Library, merges several wavekits into a single file
Bitbuster, compression tool used to replace the ever annoying POPCOM

-Bombaman, still not finished but will be in the near future! Check the Bomba HQ to stay up to date!

nothing has been decided yet...

edit. argh am I the only one having troubles with getting the URLs correctly?!?!?

By tcm1998

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15-08-2003, 17:25

hmmm, not sure if I should do this


Coding: Z80 (no real demo tricks yet), BASIC,C,PASCAL
Music: Should be capable to, but never did anything


A Character (screen 1 / 16 color) + sprite editor in Z80
Several small and unfinished stuff
All Gone I'm affraid. Never published anything Sad
Went away for about 10 years.


Openmsx (mainly the non-emulator aspects)


Who knows. I like to do something for the scene sometime.

By sjoerd

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15-08-2003, 17:47

Saying 'I can do that'. oO
I am also great at not finishing projects.
Programming in MSX Basic. I am also trying to learn Z80 assembly code.

Worked on:
Lost of unfinished games. (gfx9000 shoot um up, mario-style game, and of course a rpg-type sd-snatcher killer).
Realfun, music tracker for MoonSound. (unfinished, needless to say...)
Lots of game editors, drawing tools...
And even more stuff already done by others (the I can do that-projects).
SjASM, the ultimate assembler for every cpu I program for. (well maybe the next version will actually do what this one promises...)
And of course I made lots of crappy music tunes while 'testing' Realfun...

Working on:
Realfun2 - The even-more-fun-tracker for MoonSound Big smile
The Best of Hamaraja Nights 2 - Actually I don't have to do that much with it. I just coded my name in the programming credits - that's about it. Evil
The Lost World (or to keep Sunrise happy: The Last Dragon, it has NOTHING to do with Umax) - Okay here it comes: the rpg-type sd-snatcher/name your favourite rpg-killer rpg. Really. Tongue
And a new SjASM version...
See for more inf... well for more...

Future projects:
I should really find me a Really Very Top Secret Project. LOL!

By wolf_

Ambassador_ (9824)

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15-08-2003, 20:17

current skills:
- music
- design/raytracing
- code on pc


RMF: megademo
RMF: music disk 1
Fuzzy Logic: MB muzax 2
Fuzzy Logic: Muzax 3
ROM: article-writer, music, gfx
"Released At" organiser/founder
"MCCM enquete" organiser/founder
few MCCM/MCCW articles
Chaos/Bifi/Wolf "XMAS 2002" opl4 music
Sir Dan gamemusic (never played it tho Smile )
various little thingies (intros, news) for SRP and SRM, mostly CAIN intros Smile
BIGlittle waves (sample lib for opl4)

will do:

new group -> games (gfx, music, supportive code)

By Bart

Paragon (1422)

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15-08-2003, 21:51

Pff.. dunno all of it but here's some: (all gfx, except stated otherwise)


- ClubGuide Special #2 introdemo
- ROM #1 introdemo
- Sunrise Magazine #4 introdemo
- Sunrise Magazine #13 introdemo
- Sunrise Magazine #? & #? - DDGraph/Age course in 2 parts
- Clubguide Picturedisk #10 - The Truth demo
- Clubguide Picturedisk #11 - MCWF promo demo
- Clubguide Picturedisk #12 - Introdemo
- Sunrise Picturedisk #1 - introdemo
- Sunrise Picturedisk #2 - introdemo
- Sunrise Picturedisk #2 - Bozo's Big Adventure Promo #1
- Sunrise Picturedisk #3 - Gamemenu
- Sunrise Picturedisk #3 - Bozo's Big Adventure Promo #2
- Sunrise Picturedisk #5 - Daytona BBS promo
- Sunrise Picturedisk #5 - Introdemo
- Sunrise Picturedisk #9 - Focus demo


- Bozo's Big Adventure (finished)
- Twins (unfinished, see my gfx in download section)
- UGH! - PC port to MSX, unfinished. I coded the introdemo
- Sleepwalkers - (unfinished platformgame)

Other sjit:
- Party Zone #1, msx audio sample only musicdisk
- Party Zone #2, msx audio sample only musicdisk
- Famous BGM hits, musicdisk with ripped music from fm-pac games

And ofcourse MSX Resource Center since 1999/2000.

By MrRudi

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15-08-2003, 22:26


Coding: MSX-Basic, Visual Basic, Lingo, C++ (a bit)
Graphics: logo's, backgrounds, sprites, animation, characters, short: everything
Music: MSX-Music/Audio, OPL4, as in Soundtracker, Moonblaster 1.4, MBFM and MBWAVE
Design: conceptart, storywriting, script, storyboard

Arranger 1, musicdisk: main coding, all graphics, most music (Zodiac)
Arranger 2, musicdisk: main coding, main graphics, most music (Zodiac)
Arranger 3, musicdisk: main coding, all graphics, half of the music (Zodiac)
Arranger 4, musicdisk: main coding, main graphics, half of the music (Zodiac)
Arranger Gold, audioCD: inlay design, half of the music (Zodiac)
Arranger Platinum, audioCD: inlay design, 40% of the progress this is! (Zodiac)
BCF Diskstation 3, diskmagazine: "Snout Christmas demo": coding, graphics, story (BCF)
BCF Diskstation 4, diskmagazine: "The Spy Demo": coding, graphics, story & "The Eagle" coding, graphics, scrolltext (BCF)
BCF Diskstation 5, diskmagazine: Info section, text and reviews
DASS, Shoot 'em up game: main background graphics, background animations, most enemy sprites (MSX-Engine)
Doetinchem, Iconventure (unfinished): story, graphics (MSX-Engine)
Dragondisk #7, Diskmagazine: Art Gallery: coding, graphics and text (MSX-Engine)
Dragondisk #8, Diskmagazine: Art Gallery: coding, graphics and text (MSX-Engine)
Dragondisk #9, Diskmagazine: Art Gallery: coding, graphics and text (MSX-Engine)
Dragondisk #11, Diskmagazine: Art Gallery: coding, graphics and text (MSX-Engine)
Globey & Snout, platform game (unfinished): all background graphics, animations, story
MoonSounds, musicdisk: all coding, all graphics, half of the music (Sunrise)
Moonblaster, musictracker: betatesting, feature input (MoonSoft)
Moonblaster Music Disk, musicdisk: some music, MoonSoft logo graphics (Moonsoft)
Noisedisk, musicdisk: additional music (Compjoetania)
Pixess, puzzlegame: in-game level graphics (2 levels) and story (Compjoetania)
Revolution, megademo: additional music (The New Image)
World of Snout, megademo (unfinished): characterdesign, story, animation (BCF)

I think that's about it...if I forgot something let me know Smile

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