MSX in professional environments

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By Pac

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24-10-2015, 01:46

We all know that the MSX standard was designed as a home computer mainly. Yes, there were few exceptions for specific tasks like those MSX models with dedicated A/V or music capabilities like Philips NMS8280, Sony HB-G900, Sony HB-F900 or Yamaha CX5M/CX5M II, CX7M, etc which were probably used in TV and music studios. On the other hand and If I'm not wrong we also had the MSX at Russian schools, right? I don't forget the MSX in the MIR space station but this was something really uncommon. :P

I decided to open this thread after read this post from the JaviLM user site. He explain how the Spanish government implemented in the 80s a test to get the driver's license where some MSX computers like Sony HB-F9S, Mitsubishi ML-G1 or Philips NMS8245 were used to check your reflexes and coordination (read the post for detailed information). It seems that today the same method is used with modern machines but, as it's pointed out in that post, the best part of this is that the test it's still working in some places with real MSX machines!, I precisely did the test few months ago and I can assure you this LOL!

I also remember that some years ago (not many years) I saw a Philips NMS8235 plus green monochrome monitor in a office of the Spanish Ministry of Finance. So the question is simple, do you remember seeing an MSX in a professional environment? ;)

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By anonymous

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24-10-2015, 02:24

According to some reports there are at least two examination sites that are still using the MSX machines. The company that sells these still provide maintenance for their MSX machines.

I also remember that many, many years ago, a lot of Spain's video rental shops were using MSX computers to keep their rental databases. This was probably because salesmen from Sony Spain were pushing their computers together with the Gestion de Video Club application (VIdeo Rental Shop Management) that they were selling.

Sony Spain had many MSX-based business applications (stock management, billing, accounting, databases) and their sales team at the time was strong, so I'm sure that behind the doors of many small businesses there were (and maybe still are) MSX machines doing some work.

A nice source for these stories is the Japanese MSX Magazine. From time to time they had articles about people using their MSX machines for work. Out of the blue I remember one about a veterinarian in Shibuya who used an MSX2 to keep a database of his clients and their pets and the medical history of each animal.

By meits

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24-10-2015, 12:51

The military air base in Leeuwarden (Netherlands) used 8250 machines in the 80s. Where they were used for and for how long is not known by me. I know this because the dad of one of the Near Darkies worked there his whole life.
I could go and ask him for some more info, but I think it's enough to just know they were there...

By enribar

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24-10-2015, 14:35

MSX in Italy were used in many places, these are few:
- at least in 2 TV shows with the Philips Music Module to replay samples and music;
- in Milan, to provide some "Milano Borsa" services and home banking services;
- a user saw Philips MSX2 running accountency software around the year 2000 in a gym :-) in Rome.

By Pac

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24-10-2015, 14:40

Meits no need, just to confirm that MSX was not only for kids. Smile

By syn

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24-10-2015, 16:40

Some music studios/producers/artists used a CX5M with the DMS1/DMS2 software in their MIDI setup according to dms1guy

I am still curious which ones though (studios, songs, albums, artists etc) , if anyone knows more please tell! :D

By Manuel

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24-10-2015, 16:58

I heard from Bas K. that he picked up MSX2's several times from shops where they were used in a Point-Of-Sale application or for stock management, if I remember correctly.

Also, I think Tristan (Omega) said that at the Dutch TV studios they used a Sony HB-G900 with Umatic extension in the B-drive bay for professional purposes. And the Sony HB-G900P has also been used at the Floriade 1992 (a 10-yearly Dutch agricultural expo). The one I bought from Bas K. in about 1993 was one of these.

By Guillian

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24-10-2015, 17:04

AFAIK, it was used in a Spanish TV show named 3x4

By ericb59

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24-10-2015, 17:05

In France during the end 80, begining of 90 The "Sncf" (national train company) was equiped with Msx2 Sony (certainly HB-F900F). Some other Sony Msx2 were found in some "Edf" offices ( French electric company) , one was seen in a nuclear power plant (office !).
Some "Gendarmerie" (Police departments) were equiped with philips Msx2 computers.

Some Tv chanels also use Msx2 with superimpose capabilities for some tv shows...

By msxtrd

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24-10-2015, 17:52

A lot of Spectravideo 738 (MSX1) computers were used in polish elementary schools. These did usually had polish keyboards, and were all marked with paint underneath (schools number and name).
An MSX-LOGO cartridge was produced locally on request of polish education ministry. It was a PCB inside a tape casette box and a manual in a plastic sleeve.

By Pac

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24-10-2015, 21:15

Guillian wrote:

AFAIK, it was used in a Spanish TV show named 3x4

Yes, It's said that a reset ocurred and MSX logo appeared on the rear monitors during the show. The Spanish user snakepow remembers that moment and posted about it here.

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