MSX in professional environments

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By maxis

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28-11-2015, 11:53

Back in early 90s, at home I used YIS503/III as the main development computer to design the FW/HW under various contracts.

For example, my first big commercial project was the firmware suite for the LEL DR8 drum machine:

A short description you can find inhere:
By that time the erase/program cycle for the EEPROMs was long, also I didn't have a ROM emulator. So the solution was to have a small serial loader via the MIDI in the drum machine BIOS, which will load the binary executable image from MSX and start it in the drum machine program memory.
The tool chain included TOR->M80->L80->binary, then SFG05 MIDI sending utility.
To do the debug prints the MIDI SYSEX messages were sent back from the drum machine and then were received by SFG05, then interpreted by the small utility and displayed.
Also the Yamaha composer I used as the pattern/demo track editor. For instance you can listen to this demo track, which I have composed on YIS503, fragment you can find here: Now I find it pretty much lame, but at that time it seemed to me quite cool ;)
The final EEPROM programming for the project signoff and delivery was done on the YAMAHA EEPROM programming cartridge. The drum machine was an 8 bit rompler by the nature with 8 bit individual volume per channel. The Soviet analog of i8085 processor was at its heart. It was difficult to find good clean samples these days. So, YAMAHA PSR low cost 12 bit keyboards were the donors of many samples at the debug stage. I've wrote a small interpolator tool to truncate the samples to 8 bits and then smoothen it.
The drum machine entered the mass production, around 10K units were sold.

Then, a few other projects including the guitar DSP processor, videotext terminal, ATM machine, HAYES 19.2K modem followed. And all of them were entirely coded on MSX.

By snout

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28-11-2015, 13:22

Interesting stories all around, still it's hard to beat the MSX on board of the MIR space station...

I recall several NMS8245's being used at the (predecessor of the) NEMO museum in Amsterdam, long time ago. Not exactly professional environment, but still worth mentioning.

By anonymous

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15-01-2016, 20:54

A nice video upload few days ago! It's about the very famous Spanish TV show called Un, dos, tres... responda otra vez (this is the kid's version). According to wikipedia, it seems that the concept was also ported to other countries among them UK (3-2-1), Netherlands (De 1-2-3 show) or Germany... If you want more information, just click here.

Summarizing, the video shows basically the contestants at the end of the show and they have to choose one of the two objects using their intuition after some clues... Finally the choice is not the good one winning a couple of Amstrad computers (no sure) and losing two Sony HB-501!! Definitively this fact changed their lives taking a wrong track... LOL! LOL!

By Grauw

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15-01-2016, 21:01

It came with Penguin Adventure too… And in stead, they got some chess game. Poor kids.

By mohai

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15-01-2016, 21:19

It was a special edition of the show. Maybe for Christmas holidays.
The two PCs were Amstrad 1512 or 1640. Not sure.
Definitelly, the good price was the Sony MSXs+Videos+TVs, but ... that's life ! Big smile

By anonymous

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16-01-2016, 00:44

Somehow I think the intro of this regional documentary has some MSX in the intro... Seems screen 8... Looks like a default Philips font... It's from the era that A. Koene made drawing programs which fit the profile...

By Manuel

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16-01-2016, 00:00

I think that's Antarctic Adventure, Grauw Tongue

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