Msx spanish portughese games quality

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By PingPong

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23-11-2017, 01:20

I do not agree at all:


Personally I think AMC was designed with the MSX in mind. At that time, 99% of the spectrum games did not use 8 pixel scroll. So for a Spanish ZX game to have 8 pixel scrolling, it must have designed with the MSX in mind.

It was designed for speccy. 8 px scroll help a lot in containing artifacts due to the color clash problem. It also have advantages: you can keep frame rate low because of the blocky scroll and implement a kind of parallax. With smooth scroll those things are a lot more complex.Plus you can more easily manage sw sprites without colorclash issues (or with limited colourclash at least).
So given the specs of the game 8px it is probably the only possible possible approach on speccy.


I haven't checked if the game uses the name/pattern tables, but these games usually use more than 256 patterns in each level. That means that if you switch the drawing to use the name table, the game would not speed up much, because now you will have to keep a dynamic name table during the game

Not so sure. on msx we have 768 different patters nor 256 ones. Even with some patterns in common from the three sections i think we can fit on 256.
I also think that on speccy we have 256 "logical" patterns (even if the display of the speccy is more like a bitmap than a tile based display and lacks hw nametable). Of course for memory reasons the game *had* to be implemented with a sort of "logical nametable" on speccy. This data structure is often referred as the game map. I hardly think they used two bytes for every map/charater table on speccy because of memory constraints and speed on screen build-up.
So most probably the map is a single byte entry for every charater on the screen. This means 256 possible patterns.


.... It would only delay the release date....

And again we are telling of release date. My point is not the quick release date , it's the quality of the game on msx.
However to follow your point, it would be more fast to develop for speccy and do the usual crappy port on msx than to think a game with "MSX in mind".... And is probably that was happened.


For your information, AMC was rated in the Spectrum magazines as good, about 80% in the 3 magazines.

No doubt, but a game is good even compared to the % of usage of the abilities of the hw it runs on.
The fact that is good on speccy does not mean is also good on msx.

By Tolvatar

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23-11-2017, 09:11

Some companies improve, other not.
You have Dinamic, Topo, Zigurat and a bunch of small companies that only make conversions with a time line
Those companies depends of Erbe or Dro (distributors) that focus on profit
On the other side you have Opera with Philips partnership or Idealogic with Sony partnership that makes good conversions and even code for MSX. Examples are the only MSX2 games released.
By Opera: Livingstone supongo, Last Mission, Goody or Ease
By Idealogic: Cita con Rama, La isla del Tesoro, Amazonas, Aerobic and a few more conversions from Telarium or Spinnaker

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