MSX1 vs C64

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By PingPong

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02-06-2021, 16:56

not only. take a in depth look, another interesting feature is double accumulator, the 16 bit SP vs the 8bit of 6502 the ability to relocate page 0 .... X and Y are 16 bit vs 8 bit ones of 6502.... it is also faster than other 8 bits

By Micha

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16-06-2021, 19:13

I used to have a normal Philips vacuumcleaner. But then I saw an advert of a Dyson vacuumcleaner, which was twice as powerful and made half the noise. Great ! But when I used it I noticed that is had 2 settings: a powermode (which made twice as much noise as my old vacuumcleaner) and a silent mode (which was half as powerful as my old machine).
I feel the same when comparing an MSX1 to a C64. On the MSX1 there is basically just one graphics mode that everybody uses. The C64 is more versatile and you can do more "tricks" with it. But both come at a cost.
For demos the C64 is in my opinion a clear winner, because they only show the good stuff (like the Dyson). Most arcadegame ports look better on the C64 too, because it is the more flexible machine and easier to port an existing game to.
But in the end I feel that the MSX is the more balanced of the two, and games that are designed with the specific msx constraints (4 sprites per row, specific colorpalette, tiles with 2 colors per 8 pixels, 3 sound channels and 1 noise channel, etc) in mind can be really superior to games made for the C64.

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