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By wolf_

Ambassador_ (9956)

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25-08-2005, 16:32

It's all related to this thread on Posse..

By Tanni

Hero (556)

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25-08-2005, 16:33

Now, I understand!

As I visited msxposse this morning, a saw an interesting post. I liked to comment, but as I'm no member of msxposse ... But now, after the start of this thread and it's contents so far, I think it's important to comment.

Lord S.M.Zett in msxposse:
[interforum quote]the different between 2 msxers and 3? 2 can work to gether[/interforum quote]

I once, as a pupil, made the experience that I could get on with someone, and I could get on with someone different. But at the moment these two someones where together with me, they turned against me. So the situation described by Zett is not only between MSXers, but is in live outside (and before) MSX, too.

By Tanni

Hero (556)

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25-08-2005, 16:35

You came just one minute to early, wolf_! So you might think I followed the link and wrote my last post in about one minute!

By [D-Tail]

Ascended (8259)

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25-08-2005, 17:51

Meits: restecpa for your honest and true post! Love, peace and bananas! Big smile

By Thom

Paladin (691)

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25-08-2005, 18:03

The same happened in the 90s as well
One difference though, we're grown ups now.

There's nothing wrong with disagreeing as long as one refrains from shouting, calling names, forcing, abusing or any other aggressive "discussion technique".

By Abi

Hero (600)

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25-08-2005, 19:50

well some people collect old stamps.
And they have a enourmous value for them, but you can not even send a letter with them anymore Tongue
So is my MSX, It's my hobby and it fun to program on it, and i like making moonsound/moonblaster musc with it, I never had had so much fun on a PC where you only can play with sample and past and paste them.
MSX DEAD? no way!! Big smile

By DarQ

Paragon (1038)

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25-08-2005, 19:53

Meits: restecpa for your honest and true post! Love, peace and bananas! Big smile

of fuck please, no wiggah-movie-crap Smile btw: i REALLY hate that one... the guy in particular too..

anyway.. i really don't care what you all (don't) do with your msx. i will continue to fire up openmsx and mess with z80, basic, mbwave and some games.

even after i abadoned msx programming i never really found a REAL hard challenge. c, java, web.. it's just not an extreme challenge as it is on msx.

i recently started to code again on my emulator and i stumbled upon a really nice problem which i need to solve... it will probably crush my brain for quite a while. i never had that again since i stopped coding msx.

ah well, enough reasons to continue on my own, even if the entire world is against me Smile

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