MsxHub first beta release. Call for help

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By fr3nd

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23-08-2018, 11:16

Ok, I think I found a way to make everyone happy. For lazy users like myself, "hub install vi" will install the app into the default directory "A:\VI". But I'll add an option to specify the destination directory: "hub install vi A:\UTILS" or "hub install vi A:\APPS\VI" etc. When installing it, MsxHub will keep a registry where the app was installed, so uninstalling it would be possible too.

What do you think?

Also, a search option is a nice idea and not so difficult to implement. I'll definitely do it. Thanks!

By ToriHino

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23-08-2018, 19:37

Looks like a good proposal to me. This way all users can keep their own organisation of files and folders, and even the lazy users are supported as well Smile

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