My dearest MSX

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By hamlet

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15-01-2020, 16:10

Welcome AnsiStar. Nice reading. What was the name of the game that was published in the HCA? Maybe we can upload it into our DB base?

By Pencioner

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15-01-2020, 18:45

OeiOeiVogeltje wrote:

i recently bought a buffed-up Sony XV which looks SO shiny its almost too good looking to be used
i have used my Black TurboR GT (WSX casing) for years now

my shittiest machine is without a doubt my Sanyo wavy FD which looks good but just feels wrong on a number of things

Smiling now. For me Wavy 70FD is a best MSX2+ (and the best MSX because i never had a turboR and as they cost way too much imho, i will likely never get one). Second one is YIS805 we had in our school, nice computer with a lot of great memories from youth

By novice

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16-01-2020, 19:02

When I became 6 y.o. I got a birthday card with a computer drawn on front and some listing on the back. I asked my dad what the listing was and he told me it was BASIC and that I could type it into our computer, a Philips NMS-8245. The result was some lines and circles being drawn on the screen. I was fascinated by it, experimented by writing various code of my own, studied computer science and ended up pursuing a career in information technology.
The Philips NMS-8245 was a defining factor in my life!

A few weeks ago, during the Christmas holidays, I brought the NMS-8245 back to life. And to my surprise it still worked.

By BiT

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16-01-2020, 21:44

At school back in '87 we had two MSX vg-8235 computers in the three last classes. I was only 5 years old, but my father was a teacher at the same school. On holidays he always brought a MSX to our home for us to play with. This was my first experience with a home computer. I loved to play Knightmare, RoadFighter, Ninja Kage and many more. I even programmed my first fun stuff in basic. I really loved this computer!

Than the first computer we owned was a brand new Amiga 500. I thought it was the best computer ever. I could make music with 4 channel in 8 bit! Great! When I was older and made some money I even bought a Amiga 2000 and after that a Amiga 1200. Also I had a Atari ST to make MIDI music with.

After selling all these computers to buy a music PC, I really missed the fun of a home computer, so several years ago I found a vg-8235 that was only used once an put back in the box. So it was as good as new and still is! Then I found out there is still new hardware for these machines. I bought the OPL4 Shockwave. I can now make sampled music tunes with 24 channels!!! My Amiga had only 4! This is great and I still enjoy making music with my MSX. Later I bought the NMS-8280 for video creations and I also love this machine for this. MSX forever!!!

By AnsiStar

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17-01-2020, 13:14

Hi Hamlet! Well, let me say it like this. Some issues later a user wrote that the listings of the HCA Journal became a low quality. My little game was one of the examples he named... Smile

By wbahnassi

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17-01-2020, 17:49

Sakhr-170AX without doubt (also known as the Wavy MPC-2). Unique form factor, elegant body colors, comfy to use, switches and plugs are positioned where they make most sense.. The only downside is it being a basic MSX1 machine, but heck I love this piece of hardware, and of course I grew up with it since I was 7 years old. My game library was mostly on cassettes though. But yeah, hell of a machine, and takes a lot of abuse too without complaining.

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