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19-10-2014, 13:00

Just a quick glance for any recognisable western letters and numbers reveals "MSX 30", so that tells you a bit about it. The browser Chromium translates it as follows.

"2013, 30th anniversary of the birth of the PC standard "MSX". For MSX future circumstances and at the time unknown, and Trivia, machine of nostalgia, rave on the basis of the documents and interviews!

PC standard "MSX" it was a big break in the 1980s. To commemorate the 30th anniversary of its birth, the book was serialized in the week Us Weekly ASCII PLUS and the "slot & sprite". The newly written history chronology MSX30 year (+ α) further. Up of MSX and future users, continue to develop and circumstances at the time unknown, trivia machine of nostalgia, in active duty. I enthuses on the basis of the documents and interviews. Know at that time, to MSX all users."

Of course, there's no point buying this book unless you can understand and read Japanese. I think the book would help. After that, you just need to learn about 3,000 Kanji characters, then you could read this book, although you may sometimes have to look up less common Kanji in a dictionary. I wonder if it will be translated and published in Dutch, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, or French, though.