New to the MSX scene and would like some opinions about buying/collecting games

By cr4zymanz0r

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02-04-2012, 08:04

I'm extremely new to the MSX scene. I just got my Sony HB-F1XDJ MSX2+ in the mail Saturday. Originally my main reason for obtaining this was due to me trying to get a complete collection of all the Castlevania games. Since I live in the US (is that semi-rare for a MSX owner?) I've always been fairly ignorant of MSX since it was never really released here. All I ever really knew about it for the longest time was that it existed and that Metal Gear got its start on it. I've been reading up on it a lot for a month or so now when I was anticipating getting mine in.

Initially I was worried that there wouldn't be hardly any games for it that I cared for other than Castlevania/Vampire Killer but I've been playing with various floppy disk images and looking at youtube videos all weekend and have definitely been proven wrong. My issue now is the high prices for the games. I try to find stuff like Nemesis 2 and 3, Salamander, Parodius, Hinotori, Penguin Adventure, SD Snatcher, etc. and it seems like on the low end I might find a cart only game for $50 or so after shipping but a lot of ebay listings seem to be for complete copies that go for $100 and up (way higher for SD Snatcher).

Now this is where I want to know other people's opinions and experiences on buying/collecting MSX games. Have you been in the MSX scene for a long long time and got most of your MSX collection back in a time when prices were much more reasonable? Perhaps you mainly only focus on MSX games therefore you aren't spending much money on other platform's games? I collect across many systems (probably 18 or so consoles, and that's not including handhelds) so I have to lot to focus on. I've got the majority of the games I really want on other systems since I've focused on them much longer, but seeing how I'm brand new to MSX and would like to get at least 10 or so games that seems like a very expensive endeavor if I'm probably going to be paying $50 minimum just for a cart of the games I want. Am I just spoiled since I've been getting other 8-bit games for NES and Master System for cheap? Sometimes I'll find a neat but simplistic NES game I like and find out It'd only cost me $5 or $10. Now with MSX I have to put another zero behind those numbers : Shocked! . Due to 8 bit games generally inherently being more simplistic, I have a harder time justifying spending a ton of them versus 16-bit games. Should I just resign myself to flashcarts and floppy disk images? I have no idea what the rarity is of the games I want, but surely not all of them are rare ones that warrant high prices.

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By Wolverine_nl

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02-04-2012, 11:30

Hi and welcome,
There are cheaper versions of the games you mention and some never were released on cartridges at all and got an extra scc soundcartridge that came along with the disks.

The cheaper ones mostly don't have carton boxes and manuals anymore, not everyone took care of their stuff as good as the other one.

On ebay there is allot of stuff which is complete and costs allot of money, but if you search for versions without boxes and manuals, than the prices are more friendly. NES being cheaper can have something to do with that worldwidely seen MSX is more rare.

By snout

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02-04-2012, 14:31

As MSX and its games weren't as mass-produced as the NES, MSX games are quite scarce and relatively expensive indeed. However, with the right amount of patience you can certainly find some nice deals - or even bargains. Every now and then interestling sales pop up in our trading and collecting forum, for instance.

Just remember: you don't have to buy all those MSX gems at the same time, one at a time will do. :)

By Wolverine_nl

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02-04-2012, 14:56

Finish 1 game and go find the next good bargain like Snout says Smile

By Akiguchi

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02-04-2012, 15:30

It might be a better idea to buy a few games at a time, because he's living in US and the postage is going to get astronomical shipping games back and forth. Try to calculate the best scenarios.

Yes, MSX games are quite rare (even more so when looking one specific game). It takes quite a bit of patience, luck and time to find those bargains at Ebay (check the Ebay few times per day). Generally sports games are lower priced at about 25$ and also those rpg disk games are relatively cheap at maybe 35$. Complete cartridge games are quite costly, but then again it depends on how wanted the game is. You could find a lot of not so good and little games for around 20$ (even some Konamis), but the best ones are always going to cost over 100$. It's not that all the rare and better NES games are cheap either as a complete copy.

By SkyeWelse

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09-04-2012, 05:49

Hi cr4zymanz0r. I'm also American and relatively new to the MSX scene, at least in terms of being a hardware owner. I've have however been messing around with MSX emulation for many, many years though. I too have been looking to increase my collection of original copies and carts for the games and series I enjoy. But you're right, some of these just more popular and famous titles, have become extremely expensive. Personally, I've found my best luck with getting MSX games and hardware from Yahoo Japan Auctions through a middle-man or proxy service. That is where I've netted my FS-A1GT turbo R, Ys I-III, Xak I & II, FM-PAC, Game Master 2, controllers and several MSXFan magazines featuring the Xak series all for pretty moderate prices. Not to mention most of my current Falcom PC collection. It's still expensive either way you look at it, but less expensive because you get them in bulk when you are ready to have it all shipped.

Best of luck and good to see another American MSX enthusiast. : )


By meits

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09-04-2012, 10:55

Keep track on smaller auction sites. There are still a lot of people who sell their whole set when they find it in the attic after a decade (or two) eating dust. Sometimes well preserved games pop up for an apple and an egg, just because the owner has no clue of its "value" (between quotes indeed, cuz I think those high prices are ridiculous as well).
I only remember Snatcher (without the SD) was annoyingly expensive until the early 90s. Shit started hitting the fan when Konami decided to release Metal Gear Solid and game collectors started bidding on the original versions. Before that it was very common to find such a game for about $ 30,-.
Now almost everything by Konami (and especially the Kojima games), some Falcom and Compile games are over priced.
Luckily I don't care anymore to have originals, so I can live with it.

By pitpan

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09-04-2012, 12:25

Find a nice MegaFlashSCC+ from so that you can play on your computer all the games that were released in cartridge format without the need of adding further hardware. It is the most affordable solution to play the games in the real hardware.

Maybe some gentle MSX user will provide you with backups of the games or you might be lucky looking for them on Google ;)

By SkyeWelse

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09-04-2012, 20:28

Yep, Pitpan's right. I ordered one from the MSX Cartridge Shop and I love it. It's incredibly easy to use and very versatile since not only can it be used to copy rom images to it and play them perfectly, but it can also be used to simulate different rom carts inserted in up to 4 slots. So unlocking bonuses or options in several Konami games is possible just by using this cart. You can also create MultiRom images for it as well that will hold around 1.5 diskettes worth of data.


By Gradius2

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09-04-2012, 21:45

Keep in mind MegaFlashSCC+ uses a M29W800DB70N6 for Flash and a Xilinx XC3S50AN-4TQG144C to emulate SCC+ (not real SCC+) and memory logic (based on flash).

1024KB (1MB) = ~1.42x a 720KB FDD