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By Scandinavian

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09-02-2019, 18:23

Hello all! I am a new member here and just got into MSX (bought a Sanyo MPC 100 from ebay). In the 80'ies I did some basic programming on the Spectravideo SV328 and after lurking around this site for some time decided it was time for some 8bit fun again. I decided to get a MSX1 since that was the one most similar to the Spectravideo and bought a Sanyo MPC 100 from ebay, since this model was supposed to have a rather good keyboard (the SV328 was not any good). I have been considering one of the modern digital alternatives for storing files like casduino or some mapper but when looking closer it seems they will not let you store programs you make on the computer only load software, or maybe I have misunderstood? I am looking for some unit that will let me save and load basic programs from my computer, does any alternatives exist except for an old casettplayer/discdrive?

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By hamlet

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09-02-2019, 20:34

Welcome Scandinavian!
Your Sanyo is a solid machine with a nice 80s design. I like it very much.
Best choice for saving your programs would be a SD card reader nowadays. The Rookiedrive would allow to use USB devices like a pen drive or even a disk drive. I think the two pin jacks should not be used in any modern devices like mobile phones because they will effectively ground one audio channel and the microphone. I did not heard of a device which records audio waves into a data file.

By Grauw

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09-02-2019, 20:49

hamlet wrote:

I did not heard of a device which records audio waves into a data file.

PC line in + Audacity?

By Uninteresting

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09-02-2019, 22:14

I did what Grauw said -- loaded BASIC programs from floppy on the MSX, then recorded them on PC as if it was a cassette tape and then used Louthrax's tool (can't remember the name) to convert the WAV into a CAS file.

By CASDuino

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09-02-2019, 22:26

Sadly as you said the CASDuino does not record but as others have said, record on your PC to WAV and then convert to CAS.

By Grauw

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09-02-2019, 22:50

Or just keep the wav file and play it back.

By Scandinavian

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10-02-2019, 11:22

Thanks for all the feedback Smile from what you are saying it seems there are no alternatives that will let me csave and cload to and from a digital medium like I was used to on my old Spectravideo when using a cassetteplayer. I will be using this computer for making small programs in basic and having to use a pc with Audacity seems like alot of work, maybe I just should get a tape recorder.

By Giangiacomo Zaffini 2

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10-02-2019, 12:43

Welcome and happy MSX-ing!
You can do a lot with cassette interface of Your Sanyo MSX but eventually Your should consider a SD card interface (MegaFLASHROM+SCC++SD is first comes in mind but there's some choice of good quality products) or a modern USB/floppy drive interface like Rookie Drive by Xavirompe.

By Louthrax

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10-02-2019, 17:33

Welcome Scandinavian!

I definitvely recommend buying an SD card device if you want to program things on a real MSX without too much hassle.

But if you want to be hardcore and code with tape only, you can try my SofaCas utility for Windows. It allows "on the fly" recording to .CAS format, and can also synchronize with the REM signal, just like a real tape-deck (you still need some soldering and a USB to serial adapter for this).

By edoz

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10-02-2019, 19:28

Välkommen Big smile

By Scandinavian

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14-02-2019, 23:12

Thank you all for your kind comments. Yesterday I received an AV2HDMI converter like this

Unfotunately the image is pretty bad, I was expecting a much clearer image on my LCD screen from what I had seen on youtube. Could there be a problem with my converter,or maybe the maschine? Or maybe this converter is no good..

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