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15-02-2019, 01:25

Sorry, Skandinavian... Personally I have newer heard of working AV to HDMI Converter...

There are lots of video converters made up till now, but AFAIK none of them work ok in all situations... especially automatically... If you expect to have reasonable output with $15 device, you can keep on dreaming, that is not going to happen any time soon... sorry.

For a long time Japanese XRGB-mini Framemeister was considered to be best converter out there, but although the picture quality is damn good it still tends to cause 20ms delay to the output video. Worst feature is anyway the price that tends to be ~350€ without even the needed cables.

Personally I have now OSSC that is very good and accurate on this subject (and much less expensive) but yet it needs very much manual adjustments and quite some knowledge from the end user.

Generally I tend to say that if you have any possibility to use 15KHz CRT, please do... Although these tend to start failing and they are big & bulky, they are still best when you consider picture quality vs price. Even today I use CRT at home. I tend to use OSSC only when CRT is not reasonable option to take (like when I go to a fair)

By gdx

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15-02-2019, 02:38

I recommend you:

1/ The cheapest
- MMM (with it you can enjoy all MSX1 software (except sound of SCC games) + Colecovision games + SG-1000 games) (I think you can order a version for extension bus)
- CASdruino, or a good mp3 player/PC line

2/ The simplest
- MegaFlashRom SCC+ SD + 512KB

By Scandinavian

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21-02-2019, 18:30

Thanks for the help everyone Smile I will look into finding an old crt monitor before I get a storage device.

By Pencioner

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21-02-2019, 18:48

which of Scandinavian country are you from? if from Sweden, i got a working Commodore 1084 with good picture, which i don't need any more. works well with my MSX-es. i thought of selling it, so might be good fit Wink

By Grauw

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21-02-2019, 19:18

Composite video quality is pretty bad in general, and adding a cheap HDMI converter on top of it does more harm than good. Best to use with a CRT monitor probably, even with a high quality converter like the OSSC it will just make the bad signal quality (dot crawling etc) stand out more on a modern flat panel display.

For best picture quality, you’ll want to use an RGB output (typically MSX2’s and up). Combined with a good converter like the OSSC it can give a very nice sharp image on a modern flat panel. In my opinion it looks better than on my old Philips CRTs due to the sharpness of the modern LCD display, though not everybody will agree (colours are more vibrant on CRT).

I posted some photos of the RGB + OSSC output here, and a CRT vs. LCD comparison here.

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