Nijmegen Memories

By Louthrax

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30-12-2019, 17:53

Hi all,

Here's a little "multimedia" interlaced screen 7 slide-show, named "Nijmegen Memories". It combines pictures from the 3 previous edition of Nijmegen with classic MSX games soundtracks.

You'll need SofaRun 6.0 and an MSX 2 with 128KB VRAM to launch it. Here are the instructions:

  • Download and install SofaRun 6.0 from my website (be sure to get the latest version, some things have been added since yesterday's initial release).
  • Download and copy NIJMEM.ZIP somewhere on your SD card.
  • Launch SofaRun and open the NIJMEM.ZIP file.
  • Press [ESC] or button (B) and select "SofaRun & default settings"
  • Set "Quiet launch" to "Yes"
  • Scroll down to "MIG settings" and set "Delay:" to "1"
  • Press [ESC] or button (B) and set "Auto-Start:" to "Sequential no VDP"
  • Press [Space] or button (A) to validate "Auto-Start".
  • Enjoy the pictures and sounds :)
  • You can return to SofaRun by pressing [Space] or button (A) and then keeping the keypad or joystick directions pressed

The funny thing is that there are pictures of almost everybody here, except Hamlet! I wonder why :)

Here are a few samples:

I'll upload an updated edition after Nijmegen 2020 and put it on the download section of MRC then.

The whole converted images can be viewed here on the MSX Image Hosting website, but it's way better to watch them on a real MSX 2 with a CRT TV :)

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By hamlet

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30-12-2019, 18:36

It must have been the moment I went outside to get a drink. Smile
Unbelievable that this is a screen7 conversion.
Thanks for sharing those nice moments!

By Louthrax

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30-12-2019, 18:43

To make the credits clear: all pictures in the demo have been taken by Hamlet. The conversion tool is one thing, but the quality of the source picutres is the more important Smile