Nothing like the real thing!

By Ivan

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04-08-2021, 23:11

I've managed to get a physical release (cartridge only) of this production and nothing compares to playing this nice piece of software on a real MSX machine (MSX TurboR here) connected to a CRT TV/monitor. Buttery-smoth scroll that no emulator can compare! Emulators are convenient but there's nothing like running your favourite software on a real MSX. :hannibal:

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By sdsnatcher73

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05-08-2021, 13:03

I could not agree more (although I use LCD monitor through OSSC because my desk is too small)

By AxelStone

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05-08-2021, 13:45

Depends on which "emulator" are you using. If you play on a FPGA like Zemmix, the experience on CRT is exactly the same, FPGA is an implementation not emulation, so you are playing with a clone of the original hardware. But even if you play on a 15Khz CRT based emulator, like Retropie CRT on a simple Raspberry Pi 2, you get also the same experience.

At least for me.

By gdx

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05-08-2021, 15:26

A cartridge with SCC sound?