Obsolete Video Games Now Legal to Own

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By gnomodiego

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02-11-2003, 12:43

By Arjan

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02-11-2003, 13:32

it only applies to the USA

By mars2000you

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02-11-2003, 14:33

Don't forget that in many cases, Europe follows the American rules with some years delay.

What is sure is that Japan has for his own market the MSX copyrights revalidated :
the MSX-USB Reader is only available in Japan ...

So, must be we happy if the official MSX Revival extends himself to Europe and America ? I begin to think negative about that. Without official MSX Revival in Europe, if Europe follows the American rules, then Europe will be a freeware MSX paradise for ever ! Big smile

By anonymous

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02-11-2003, 16:22

It's not true! That article is REALLY bad. The guy who wrote it should be fired.

The DMCA (indeed, ONLY applicable in the USA) was amended with a provision to allow cracking and reverse engineering of copyprotected software, that is unable to run on contemporary hardware. It does NOT say ANYTHING about OWNING the games.
Owning copyrighted material you did not pay for is still ILLEGAL! But, you are now legally allowed to dump a ROM, so you can play it on PC if your MSX breaks down.

Besides, it's just a note, not a law. A judge can still convict you if he feels like it.

And again, JUST in the USA.

By cax

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03-11-2003, 13:15

"use the source, Luke" (c) Star Wars

Let's read the law itself:

Here is what it says:

"On October 28, 2003, the Librarian of Congress, on the recommendation of the Register of Copyrights, announced the classes of works subject to the exemption from the prohibition against circumvention of technological measures that control access to copyrighted works. The four classes of works exempted are:


(3) Computer programs and video games distributed in formats that have become obsolete and which require the original media or hardware as a condition of access. A format shall be considered obsolete if the machine or system necessary to render perceptible a work stored in that format is no longer manufactured or is no longer reasonably available in the commercial marketplace."

By Arjan

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03-11-2003, 13:58

hmm yeah I wasn't completely sure the first time I read it...but in other words: you're not allowed to bypass the technological measurements taken to access software (by removing copyprotection, dumping a rom, ...), except for the four classes defined by this recommendation. This means you are allowed to dump the contents of a ROM-cartridge (if it's an obsolete format, N64-games aren't obsolete I think...), but of course the usual copyrights are still applied, so you can ONLY do this if you own the original works.

By snout

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03-11-2003, 18:55

Quite a strange law, subject to many interpretations. And, what if new hardware appears capable of running 'obsolete' contents (something that is happening in Japan with the MSX Revival).. how would such cases be dealt with in the USA?

In analogy: every year some old records are released on CD, previously they were only available on vinyl. Suppose this law also applies on music, it would be legal to own a self-made CD of a record (provided you own the record itself??) until a CD comes out with the album? Or.. (continuing this analogy( is it legal to create a CD from vinyl as long as there is no re-release? Arf, I'm getting confused.

By anonymous

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03-11-2003, 19:17

That's USA law for ya... ^^;
Confusing as hell, and the worst part is they're enforcing their views of what's 'right' on other countries as well... Europe, Japan, etc... :/

By nftaDaedalus

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03-11-2003, 22:18

I know for music in The Netherlands it is perfectly legal to create one copy of bought music, for example copying your fav CD to tape for playing in your car and keeping the original at home in the player.

By sjoerd

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04-11-2003, 10:00

you can copy what you want at much as you like in the Netherlands.

By Arjan

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04-11-2003, 11:18

yes, you can do that, but you're not allowed to do that.

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