Output of my defective MSX AX-200

By Shinobi

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20-02-2019, 00:52


I posted previously on a defective MSX AX-200, and finally I used a USB Easy Cap to capture the Audio and Video for MSX,
Now I'll post a youtube link below of the output and note this:


-the machine is turned on at 0:12 (second on the video)
-At 0:52, I start to move the video cable left and right and in and out of its socket in MSX to see if it's connection problem
-At 1:26, I stop moving the video cable.

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By Nprod

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24-02-2019, 10:17

It could be a lot of things, but you should probably start by fixing the video connector first, so you don't have to wiggle it around to get an image.