Potential FIX For Keys Not Working

By Topper_Harley

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12-02-2018, 21:04

OK, so I purchased an MSX ML.F80 recently and this morning received my cassette cable in mail. All excited , I set about loading up some wav files of my favourite games when suddenly.... 3 keys not working! WTF... Keys 1,D and J.
I could find nothing online about this so I opened up the unit in the thinking that maybe some dirt or a bad solder joint was causing me grief. I noticed fairly quickly that the keyboard keys were held in place with plastic legs which had been melted in place. Removing these keys was not an option( or maybe there is an easy way I dont know about??).
As I put the keyboard back in it's slot I noticed 2 ribbon cables so I pushed them down into their sockets just incase they might have moved etc. Put pc back together and low and behold , all my keys are working! It must have been this ribbon cable as I didn't do anything else. I've been in nostalgia gaming heaven since! ANYone here ever see this problem before?? Smile

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By Grauw

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12-02-2018, 21:40

Ribbon cable definitely would’ve been my first suspect. I had a 2+ whose ribbon cables were the worst. I guess if they were just barely making contact (maybe due to a previous opening), some little shock may have just dislodged them enough to stop making contact. Or maybe there was some oxidation.

But glad to hear the problem got resolved so easily!

By Meits

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12-02-2018, 23:40

Out of curiosity Grauw, which MSX2+ model was that?

By gdx

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13-02-2018, 01:52

MSX1s use Ribbon cable made with copper wires. It is more robust than vinyl membranes.
In general, the keys of the MSX1 malfunction due to oxidation. If the keys are removable, you can clean them. This requires careful work. A soldering iron and a pump are probably needed.

By Grauw

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13-02-2018, 09:45

Meits: Sanyo Wavy PHC-70FD. But that MSX was in a pretty bad state overall.

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