Price of your first MSX computer

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By Pac

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04-01-2015, 20:27

I still remember the price of our (4 brothers) first MSX back in the mid 80s in Spain, a MSX2 Philips NMS8220 with green monochrome monitor (I still own Smile ), around 300eur. We can say that this amount of money is a significant outlay even nowadays so I'm unable to properly understand what this represented for my parents in that date.

Taking into account that normally Spain has always been at the bottom of Europe in economic terms, purchasing power, per capita income, etc the price of the MSX top models like Philips 8280, Sony HB-F700, Mitsubishi ML-G3 and so on were prohibitive for the Spanish families in most cases. If I'm not wrong these models cost around 1000eur!. Anyway I assume that this situation were similar in any country and not only in Europe.

So my intention opening this thread is to evaluate, compare, know or whatever about the effort that our parents, grandparents, uncles, etc had to face giving us our beloved MSX computers. Wink

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By Daemos

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04-01-2015, 20:54

I remember my dad paying 1200 Fl. for the MSX2. That was a lot of money at that time. It should easily compare with something like 2000 euros today.

By Manuel

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04-01-2015, 21:06

IIRC my dad paid 600 NLG for a Philips VG 8020, 2 joysticks, a Philips NMS1510 data recorder and one tape game.

By CX5Mer

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05-01-2015, 15:20

The Yamaha CX5M Music Computer had been reduced to £349 in early 1986 to clear the old stock before the CX5MII-128 Music Computer came out. This price reduction happened just before my Dad finally sold his broken down Rolls Royce car with the logo in red instead of the later black logo, when he gave up all hope of getting it running again. He got £5,000 for the car. I don't know why I had never seen it running in my lifetime. Perhaps he'd just put it in the garage on day and left it to rot. Just after he sold the car, I reminded him that he had once said that he'd buy me a synthesiser whenever he had "a bit of money". He asked me why it had to have a computer with it as well. I told him that this was irrelevant, because at that moment the Yamaha CX5M was the cheapest synthesiser available. I also explained how the computer could play up to 8 notes in up to 8 different sounds, as well as playing far better and faster than I could with my hands. It was a bit difficult for us to find a Yamaha CX5M available anywhere, because they were clearing them as old stock, but we viewed one which was a display model in London's Denmark Street ("Tinpan Alley"), then left our contact details in case they agreed to sell it, then after that we found another shop which still had some left, so we bought one from there. Unfortunately, when we got it home I found it couldn't display a picture, although I checked that the MSX BASIC command PLAY worked, as well as the synthesiser itself with the CALL MUSIC command. Luckily, the shop still had some left and we exchanged it for a working model a few days later. My CX5M only had one Yamaha cartridge with it and I had to buy the other cartridge I needed from another shop. These carts were the FM Voicing Program and FM Music Composer. I can't remember which one I got with it, though. Now all we need is someone to find the exchange rate of the Pound Sterling against the Dutch Guilder, the Spanish Peseta, etc for early 1986. PAC, as the fixed exchange rates weren't set until about 1999, how can you say it was about €300 in the mid 1980's, roughly 14 years before? How did you calculate it? What was the price in Pesetas?

By Poltergeist

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05-01-2015, 16:09

The VG-8235 we bought in 1986 was 1799 dutch guilders. If we take the exchangerate for guilders to euro, which was set in 1999 (and was 1 euro to 2.20371 guilders), the thing would cost € 816,35. If you would take the exchangerate of EURO against the spanish Peseta, it would cost ESP 135829 (1 euro being 166,386 ESP) But that doesn't say anything about the real price of the device in 1986 in Spain.

Did some more calculation: Inflationrates taken into consideration, that amount would now be 3.182,03 guilders. And this we can convert to Euro, and would be € 1.443,94


By enribar

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05-01-2015, 16:17

Bought in Italy, July 1987, at 256000 lire = 132.21 euro.
It was a special offer:
- Philips VG-8020/00
- Tape recorder
- 1 Joystick
- 1 educational software

By Metalion

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05-01-2015, 16:21

I bought in June 1984 my Spectravideo SV-328 for 24.995 Fb (belgian Francs).
Which translates into 620 euros.
Yikes ! And it wasn't even a real MSX ...

By meits

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05-01-2015, 16:25

I got the same as Poltergeist, a VG8235 for around 1800 guilders.
Added a green screen monitor and a printer it went far over 2000 guilders.

I wouldn't give 10 euros for it right now Tongue

By Jipe

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05-01-2015, 20:28

in France the canon V20 cost 3200 Fr in 1884 = 490€ with a Joystick canon and the cube basic K7 software
after 3 year the same model canon V20 cost 800 Fr = 120€ but without scart cable

By Grauw

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05-01-2015, 21:51

Exchange rates:

1 euro = 2,20371 guilders
1 euro = 6,55957 francs
1 euro = 166,386 pesetas

To account for inflation over the past 30 years add the following surplus:

Netherlands: 80%
France: 90%
Spain: 225%

Combined and inverted these are the exchange rates accounting for inflation:

1 guilder = 0,817 euros
1 franc = 0,290 euros
1 pesetas = 0,0195 euros

By gamemastermaarten

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07-01-2015, 16:22

I've had serious good luck. Crying Because I got it for free from a colleague of my father. The colleague of my father had just let him use it in the 80s . Now the revolution for Apple and PC are seriously big. And he has him standing in the attic. In 30 years, explained to my father that I 'm a huge collector for old computer's. And if I can have the MSX computer from him. In 2012 I got it for free. In 2014 to date, I'm buying it for the Video Games. Fortunately MSX is region free. And I'm mostly love the Japanese Cartbridge. They are looking better then the Europe and North American Titles. And I first collection for the Japanese MSX videogames. Smile2

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