Problems with converting BIN to WAV with OTLA

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By CASDuino

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04-05-2021, 19:41

ro wrote:

While we are on the subject, a while ago I was looking for .cas file management tools. You know, create, import, extract. That sort of thing. I coulnd't get my head around it. Any suggestions (gonna do a search on this OTLA thingy which I never heard of)
sorry for hijacking the threat..

CASTools 1.3 and its gui is an easy way to convert WAV to CAS and CAS to WAV files
SofaCAS is a Command Line that is more accurate at converting WAV to CAS
CASLink3 can convert up to 48k ROMs to WAVs that using the other tools you can convert to CAS.

OTLA is more for Spectrums and I've never been able to get it to work for the MSX.

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