A question from a new MSX2 owner

By Alex_Keaton

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18-04-2011, 21:29

Hello ev'body, I just bought a Philips MSX2 (Philips VG-8235) and I've got a questione: there are many roms (.ROM) files around the web, I know they are cartridges dumps but is there a way to play them simply using 3,5" floppy disks?

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By Alex_Keaton

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18-04-2011, 21:30

I forgot, I hope this question is legit... If it isn't you can close the topic, but I hope somebody can tell me something Smile

By pitpan

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18-04-2011, 22:19

As far as there are also many public domain / freeware ROMs, I don't see any problem regarding your question.

You can try to execute the ROM files using some MSX-DOS tools, such as loadrom, romload, execrom, odo, etc.

Keep in mind that probably you won't be able to run any megaROM (games >64 KB) or, at least, not properly. In order to emulate a cartridge you need additional hardware, such as MegaFlashSCC, MegaRAM, Konami SCC+, etc.

On the other hand, some megaROMs were converted to be loaded in a regular MSX2 computer with at least 128 KB RAM. That should work fine without further ado in your computer, but probably they are not *legitimate* copies Wink

Enjoy your computer!

By nikodr

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18-04-2011, 22:21

For roms up to 48 kbyte i think it is easy to play them with a utility,you just put them on disk,and load msx dos and you load the rom files and they play.Now for games that are megaroms you need a memory mapper that is at least double the size of your game,that is if the game is 128kbyte you need 256 ram.Now there exists special hacked versions decided to run on systems with only 128 kbytes memory mapper but this use the vram to ram transfers as a way to compensate the lack of ram and speed is reduced,and these are no way rom files but rather bin files that are loaded.

Other option is to use megaram,or get an expansion ram cartridge.

By syn

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18-04-2011, 23:32

just for reference, more information about the megaflashrom as mentioned by pitpan, can be found here http://msxcartridgeshop.com/ , look under flash.

By Alex_Keaton

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19-04-2011, 17:30

Just an information: is there a "classic" cartridge from 80s/90s that let use megarom via disk?

By Jipe

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19-04-2011, 18:07

Just the Konami SCC+ but you must added 64ko of memory inside before

By luppie

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19-04-2011, 18:59

There is a 128kb version for sale on e-bay right now:


Auction will close within 24 hours

By Sarcasmic

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19-04-2011, 21:33

you got one problem maybe and that is the 360KB single sided drive this prevents you to load a large ROM of 512 KB into an SCC+(Flash type like mentioned before)
if you have a 8235 with a 720KB disk drive you are lucky....
the 8245 has a double sided disk drive like the most msx computers Smile

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