RISKY RICK FOR MSX !!! (post to make it a reality)

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By Grauw

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12-01-2020, 18:07

Matthew Splett wrote:
Matthew Splett wrote:

Oh, and all the joystick 1 port isn't used??? it seems it has to be plugged into joystick 2 port? I haven't run across any other MSX games that behave like that.

They say standard 2 button MSX controller should work. They don't know why for some it is joystick 1, and others joystick 2. Maybe that's an MSX standards issue?

If it reads the PSG registers directly, the BIOS interrupt routine leaves joystick port 2 selected when it returns. The solution is to either use the BIOS to read the joystick, or to make sure to select port 1 prior to reading its values, and keep interrupts disabled while doing so.

By Matthew Splett

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12-01-2020, 21:18

Yep, it seems they are not reading the MSX port the standard way... If I wire a joystick so the common is connected to ground instead of MSX joystick port pin 8 ( the output/select pin ) then JOYTEST, HIDTEST don't read the joystick correctly, but RISKY RICK movement works. Sad

If I wire it per this info: https://www.msx.org/wiki/General_Purpose_port then it doesn't work in RISKY RICK, but it works with all our other software...

This agrees with what Grauw suggests.


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