Roms ripped to disk?

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By s0ph0r

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21-07-2011, 09:32

Hey there.

I've been searching for games available on disk (which fit on a 720k one) and noticed many games I played 20 years ago are just not available for disk any more - Only in rom-format. (i.e. Aleste 1, Knightmare 1, Comic Bakery, ...)

There already must have been a way back in these days to get the data stored on the cartridge onto a 720k disk, anyone has an idea?

I had almost every good game on disk till my father gave the MSX with every game and disk away (No idea why he did that lol)...

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By OeiOeiVogeltje

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21-07-2011, 10:50

id try and do a search for TOSEC and /or GoodMSX

By snout

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21-07-2011, 15:03

s0ph0r - the reason for this is that nowadays there are plenty of tools available that allow you to run ROM images directly on your MSX. Check for LOADROM by Trunks and ROMLOAD by TNI, for instance.

By Rataplan

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21-07-2011, 15:31

another reason is that these diskversion were mostly hacked/dumped roms, and therefore not legal. Together with the fact that emu's run roms directly, these diskversion are obsolete now.

By FiXato

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21-07-2011, 16:04

And sadly, the MSX didn't really have a cracktro scene like Amiga, so apart from making the games run from disk, there isn't really a (scene) reason to keep the cracked versions alive Tongue

By hap

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21-07-2011, 18:35

s0ph0r: search harder, they should still be online.
Back when I got into MSXing again (1998/1999), that kinda stuff was available at MEP/file-hunter. The site doesn't exist anymore, but a mirror with all the game files is still available. Where? see above: search harder. Tongue (sorry, not allowed to give links)

By s0ph0r

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21-07-2011, 19:02

Yeah thanks for the answers so far.

The reason I'm messing around with this is that I wanna play the games from disk on my VG-8235 again, like it worked YEARS ago. Smile

I'll give it a shot, I think loadrom won't work with my MSX model - Some images are 720k - There's no more room left for loadrom, sadly.

Anyways - thanks for the answers. If anyone still got a clue or wanna help me out on icq: 300244244 is my icq.

edit: Hey, I think I found what I was looking for! Could be so easy when you know what you have to search for.. Wink THANKS!!

By Manuel

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21-07-2011, 21:05

a ROM image is not 720k Tongue

By cax

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21-07-2011, 21:37

Floppy image is usually 360K or 720K (e.g. Aleste) , and after copying it with special tool to your floppy it should work.
As for other mentioned games, you probably can find Knightmare and Comic Bakery in binary format, copy them onto floppy and bload"name",r
Or just find their 16-32K ROM versions and run as you were told above.
Just keep in mind that some versions of ROMs can be "copy-protected" and won't run with ROM loaders.
In such a case, just try other copy of the same ROM (some roms in GoodMSX collection have alternative versions).

By s0ph0r

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23-07-2011, 00:58

Okay one more question:

Can I copy the contents of floppy #2 in BlueMSX to floppy #1 (real drive A: in pc)?

Would that work? Any other idea on how to get the data from the .dsk image to my real floppy?

I can format the disk in my MSX - But Windows can't read it, that's clear.

By hap

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23-07-2011, 01:32

Most Windows users prefer Disk-Manager to handle contents of MSX disk images:
Personally, I used a cmdline util called rawrite (one w) to copy disk images to a real disk, but I don't think there's one that works on Windows 7.

If Windows fails to read an MSX formatted disk, try formatting it on Windows, copy the files, and add the MSX bootsector later.

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