Running MSX software from Hard Disk/MSX-DOS2

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By drizo72

Supporter (9)

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27-01-2003, 10:59

Hi to all,

yesterday, at last, I was able to find some time to organize my MSX2 a little bit!

I think I have THE perfect configuration now:

Philips MSX2 NMS-8245 with Sunrize IDE controller and

1HD 6GB (mapped completely!!! 1 partition 32MB, 3 partitions 2GB each!

(FAT16 of course) and 1 CD-ROM!!!

And yes, 4MB RAM thanks to Leonardo Padial!

If only I could make it a little bit faster and add sound, that would be marvelous!

But these can wait a bit!

I have noticed however, that not all software can run from HD.

Is there any way to make ROM or DISK games to run from HD/CD-ROM?

The old mapping techniques they use, cause trouble to the OS I guess.

A second thing I observed is that the FORMAT command does not work!

Is this a problem caused by the FAT16 driver? Is there a solution to this?

Another question: I have seen that there are some games for sale on the net

that contain the SCC. Is there a way to use the sound chip in the cartridge

from another game?



Loyal MSX fan from Greece.

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By Latok

msx guru (3746)

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27-01-2003, 11:03

You should be very careful using the FAT16 utility. Of course, for the usual stuff, a FAT16 partition works perfectly. But there are a lot of utitlies which are written for the FAT12 only. This implifies they will crash while booting on a FAT16 partition. I think this is also the source of some of your problems....

If you want all utilities run smoothly on FAT16 partitions, the utility should be rewritten and this won't happen.

So, my advice is (I do the same thing), make sure you have some FAT12 partitions with 32MB max to work with all utilities...Have the FAT16 partitions for software who do work with FAT16 and for datastorage....

Anyway, great to see you're so enthousiastic!! CooL!

By Latok

msx guru (3746)

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27-01-2003, 11:10

And about your SCC question. The answer is yes. Of course! If you don't have an original Konami SCC game yet, I advise you to get one. The SCC chip can indeed be used for playing ROMimages from your (Fat12 partition Tongue) HD.....

If you're going to search for such a SCC cartridge, make sure it is a cartridge with already an 'SCC switch'...What is this, you probably wonder? Well.....If you don't have an 'SCC switch' you should insert the cartridge while the computer is on....Otherwise, the game would be booted, right? And you don't want that. You want to play from your HD....

The 'SCC switch' disables the booting from the ROM inside the cartridge. When you have booted your MSX, you turn over the 'SCC switch' and the SCC soundchip is active. You can now boot a game from HD and you will hear beautiful SCC sounds Smile

By drizo72

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27-01-2003, 19:26

Who installs this SCC switch on the Konami cartridges?

And don't tell me they come with the SCC switch by default!!!



By snout

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27-01-2003, 19:36

Unless you are lucky enough to get a SD SNatcher or Snatcher cartridge (SCC+) you will have to find someone to make this switch for you (or make the switch yourself)

By msxhans

Expert (77)

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27-01-2003, 19:50

For a descripton how to build the switch in a SCC cartridge:

NEVER insert a cartridge in a running MSX. Even if others tell you they do it all the time, i have seen too many MSX computers go to the heaven where all good MSX computers live happily afterwards (i.o.w. damaged MSX's this way are dead :)

By Latok

msx guru (3746)

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29-01-2003, 09:28

msxhans is right. Don't insert Konami's while the computer is on. Try to find an SCC with a switch, or else, make sure your SCC gets one.....

msxhans is right though Smile I did insert Konami's into a booted MSX computer for years....And that MSX computer is now officially dead.....hehehe......

By Grauw

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29-01-2003, 21:26

There's a utility called MAP.COM (no, not IDEMAP.COM with which you switch partitions), which is a hack that changes the DOS2 mapper routines so that programs directly accessing the mapper will work. If you run it before you start the game, chances are good it'll work. It can probably be found somewhere on

Furthermore, as other people did aswell, I recommend running all 'legacy' stuff like this and DOS1 apps on a FAT12 partition, to be sure they don't screw anything up.

About the SCC, if you need an SCC switch in your SCC, the process is quite simple although you need to cut and solder a little in your cartridge which requires a little soldering experience and some balls ;p. I could do it for you if you want, I have just made 2 SCC switches the past week.


By djh1697

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29-01-2003, 23:42

You could try There is a project called MegaSCC which is a brazillian device with a MegaRAM and SCC in one. A MegaRAM will allow you to load MegaROM files into it and play them, the SCC has the SCC facility. I have never managed to get mine to work with the sunrise IDE though.

Anyone got any ideas ?


By Grauw

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30-01-2003, 01:08

Oh, yeah, ESE from Japan also made a custom SCC.


By Leo

Paragon (1236)

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14-02-2003, 20:22

I am interested also im playinf DSK games from hard disk , but the only utility i found
is HDDEMu that works only TR's ....

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