SD Snatcher Save Game Editor for the retranslation project

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By d-fader

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07-11-2011, 23:44


Since I was very happy when I first heard of project melancholia (that was actually after they put up the website already, lol), the first things I did was downloading the demo and pre-ordering it. Also, when playing the demo, I sucked monkey balls. Well, not literally, but I died and did not save and since I can't use the StarCracks version, I had no doe to buy them drugs since I already got tha gunnnnns to ram pam pam!! Anyway. I thought: I need a save game editor and tried to search for one and the first link I tried was dead. So far for my search and thus why not make a new SD Snatcher Save Game Editor with all the translated texts in them (meaning K. Sprint is called Night sprinter and Newtriz is actually called Neutralizer)? Well, I did and I'm willing to share (as you can see), because this project deserves at least a good save game editor! Smile

Have fun with it and maybe I'll even fix bugs if you find them Smile I have no idea if the save game editor works on other versions of SD Snatcher, I used the retranslation project version as the source (so you can also enter a name with 7 characters).

Here's the download link: Click [Requires .NET 2.0, Mono might work]

Have fun with it!


PS. Here's the documentation:

When you start the appllication, this screen will pop-up:
The only thing you can do is click the 'open' button that you can see on the left top side. You cannot create new user disks, so just make a copy of your own and use that (just to be sure).

When you have selected a user disk, the screen will roughly look like this:
All your games will be loaded into the corresponding slots. Empty slots will also be visible and you can recognize them by the '- empty -' label. To edit a save game, click on the label of an EXISTING save game.

When you clicked on an existing save game, you will see the following screen:

At the left side you see character statistics. You can edit the following:
Character name, Character Level, Strength Level, Defense Level, Speed Level and the money in your pocket.

At the right side you see three tabs (Guns, Options and Drugs). You can edit all of them. Hovering or editing Guns, Options and drugs will fill the information bar at the bottom of the screen. In this case, we are editing the Midnight Express and you can see info on that gun in that information box (see the red circle). For Guns and Options you can enter a value of -1 to the bullets (Guns) or quantity (Options) to let them be unavailable in game. Every value above -1 means that the Gun or Option is in your locker, unless otherwise specified in the Slot editor (yellow circle).
The save button saves your changes, BUT DOES NOT SAVE THE USER DISK YET. Cancel cancels all your changes.

To save a user disk, simple hit the save button:
You can only save to the same file as you loaded the disk from. This means you will not get a save dialog, just a message that it was successful or an error message if it fails.

Creating a new save game:
It is possible to create a new save game (you start at the very beginning) and you can edit that. These new entries can be placed into an '- empty -' labeled slot. Could come in handy if you want to skip the intro demo or just start with the Midnight Express :).

Copying a save game:
It is also possible to copy a save game to another slot. Any existing entry in the destination slot will be overwritten though, so use with care.

Here you can see slot 0 being copied to slot 6.

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By Sama

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07-11-2011, 23:54

Looks cool! To testplay the demo version, I hacked the user disk using a hex editor (I testplay the non-demo WIP version with normal stats just to be sure that if something strange happens, it's not my basic hacking skills causing it), but this tool looks very polished and user-friendly.

Although of course I have to add that it's really nicer to play the game without cheating Wink.

By Sama

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07-11-2011, 23:55

Be advised, by the way, that it's possible that the save and load routine in the final version differs slightly from the current one. We can't tell until we're finished Smile.

By d-fader

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08-11-2011, 00:00

Thanks Sama, I really don't like cheating either, but I do like money in my pocket Tongue. It will be no problem when the offsets change, it'll just be a matter of changing some offsets, although I have to find the new offsets again then Smile

By Vampier

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08-11-2011, 00:01

in the good old times I used to do this with diskit.

By d-fader

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08-11-2011, 08:42

@Vampier: Haha, diskit... Rings a bell, but I did not recognize it when I saw a screenshot though Smile

@Sama: About the cheating, well, you can also use it to change your equipped weapons and options on the fly, so you don't have to drive back to Junker -> I swear I only use it for that! Wink And come on. When you finish any respectable game you get neat items when you restart, so now you can do that too (hitting the little spiders at Pier 17 with your Midnight Express, now who doesn't want to do that? ^^)

By ro

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08-11-2011, 08:47

nice project D!

By konamiman

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08-11-2011, 10:11

This tool will be very useful to me. I want to finish the game again with the new translation, but I really don't have much free time, so it's great if I can start with full energy and weaponary and skip most of the enemy fighting.

By d-fader

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08-11-2011, 13:12

I fixed a small bug in the maximum quantity of the drug items. I thought it was 50, but it seems to be 99 Smile I've updated the original zip-file, since I can't edit my original post, but if you want the TRUE version, just use this url: (although it's the same as the one in the original post :))

By larsthe18th

Master (181)

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12-11-2011, 18:53

Great Job d-fader Smile

I allways used THIS savegame editor for MSX, but now i will use your version :)

By jlemos

Resident (58)

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12-11-2011, 20:16

Nice game, nice work and a nice program. Wink

Julio Lemos

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