Should I stop or continue The MSX Games bOX?

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By msxgamesbox

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25-05-2005, 13:23

Thanks for all the replies - no doubt I enjoy maintaining the site - I would not have done it for so long if I didn't ;-) but as a few of you said, i have done everything alone since the beginning and I have as well less and less time to spend on it thus also resulting in less updates, less news, less of everything... however as it looks so far from your comments, you mostly visit the place and find it of interest - so should give me a kick to continue!
And don't worry, the Homebrew List is highest priority + reviews (I was in the middle of translating my latest review on MSX in France last week ... and will try to finish it soon -). BTW, if you developed a game and would like me to review it, get in touch though I never can promise I will satisfy everybody - it's part of the motivation side as well to be in touch with those who've spent their time in making their great games! Reviews take time - first have to play extensively the game itself - think of the structure of the review and what you want to say - eventually write it and put it in form with screenshorts etc... to make it pleasant to read and view.

Well, hopefully the story continues...I have not always been that motivated lately (and have also other things to do) but if you have something to announce or would like to have published in any form on the site, you're mostly welcome to drop an e-mail or whatever - I only have two hands, one pair of eyes... and it cannot always be one-way...

By viejo_archivero

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25-05-2005, 13:34

Great news!. If you think I can help with any review or any other content for your site, feel free to send me an email: we karoshies are busy people, but I'll try to help you in what I can. Smile

By marison

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25-05-2005, 13:43

In your site, for the second time I saw in Internet from a Google search the expression "Cosmic Battle" + MSX.

The first was in a list from Cobra Software (selling my game without my permission).

See my game in a site as a unfinished homebrew project was one of the reasons I return to code.

Thank you for that!

By Samor

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25-05-2005, 17:08

I like it best when people are busy with MSX because they like it, like you are with your site, msxgamesbox, and don't try to make money of everything.

and no, I don't mean Bazix. In fact, Bazix is still in a starting fase, so it won't be fair to comment on until we've actually seen something Wink

I mean that sometimes in the (Dutch) MSX community I get the feeling money plays such a large role; so often I've seen (at fairs) stuff for MSX being sold that on other systems was free or had a significantly lower price; also, some second hand stuff is of course rare and goes for higher prices, but other stuff seems to have been "declared" rare by some people, which has triggered some prices to go into the absurd.

I do not mean to say everything has to be free or something. But too much focus on money kinda spoils it, IMO (note that this is not a new thing, the (Dutch) MSX community has 'suffered' from this for a long time).

By flyguille

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25-05-2005, 18:15

i can do betters scores than the presented as "records". But i am too busy right now.

What is happening to you, happensme the last summer to me!

Always is a time when you asks yourself... as the feedback is too low, worth the time to do this?

I asksme that about MNBIOS proyect, just after releasing the 3rd BETA i doesn't receives one simple feedback!. And only a month after I joins a IRC msx channel and set it as topic by a while, what scaredme was how a lot of guys tellme "i am bussy in X or Y thing" or "i not had time to see that". That makes a virtual drop of all the proyect. Afther that date i receive some feedback sometimes. And only in MAR/2005 i thought, hey, i put a lot of time in this!, and i like this, it is my bigger proyect!, currently it is like my MSX's life. So why to drop it?. So in that date i starts analysing why it was too unsucessful. Chating + rereading olds emails... so i did all the changes that i see necesary or put it in the TODO list.

But your case is different, the website is simply cool!. But as you know the msx comunity is very active right now, each one is doing or coding something, so websites normaly are visit by fews.

So, hands up and continue....

By Arom77

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25-05-2005, 18:27

I visit your website quite often. I really like it. I would like to see more reviews of amateurs games

The same for me ! Really useful to know more about amateur games. Keep up the good workd Wink

By djh1697

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25-05-2005, 20:31

I visit your website quite often. I really like it. I would like to see more reviews of amateurs games

The same for me ! Really useful to know more about amateur games. Keep up the good workd Wink

I agree with the above comments - I visit the site 2nd only to It is up to you Phil, went through a period last year they say when there was hardly and news or forum posts.


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28-05-2005, 13:47

I like your site, moreover I cannot see why dismiss it.
I do not think you have many update to do (no new software => no update)

By Vampier

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30-05-2005, 03:46

I look on it once a while Smile But I never really look at any guestbook on any page Tongue

Why stop?

By MäSäXi

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01-06-2005, 19:13

Hi Phil, nowadays I read even MSX sites rarely, but yours is one of them that I read. I will continue to repeat what others have said already, that "I like your site" and "homebrew game list is a RRReally gRRReat thing!", as it is really nice to look about new MSX games from just ONE place, instead of googling around missing time to do some other thingies!

And homebrew list is A MUST for MSX beginners!

MSX art related site is great thing to have! I´m sure many people will agree that! But as I have said to you Phil, I don´t know anymore what can be done to wake up people to make MSX ART! So, WAKE UP, LAZY PEOPLE!!!!! MAKE MSX ART!! and don´t say you are not artistic, that is not an excuse! almost everything can be art! Grab your MSX and just do it!

And nowadays I unbelievably rarely (almost never) write anything to ANY guestbook in internet.

Today was first time I looked karoshi´s forum.

I have so much things to think that I cannot think about what should I say on MSX sites which I think are important to exist!

And last famous words, Keep your site up Phil! There are so many things which must not get lost!

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