The silly graphics challenge

By wolf_

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16-02-2012, 03:09

Ok, here be something new: a never ending forum challenge. The rules:

  • A certain someone gives three words/things, and they should be ridiculous, silly and in complete disharmony with each other (e.g. polar bear, sahara desert, electric razor) to make it exciting. Then someone will have to create an image combining all three words/things, somehow creating a harmony with it. Naturally, you can turn these objects into cartoony things, make multiples of the object, add eyes, add arms if you must (but the given basic object should be the main aspect of this evolution). It can be hilarious and absurd. It's of course the most fun when these words/things are truly silly, making it really hard for the people who will create a picture. But.. and that's important: this is where creativity is born! Most importantly: be hilarious!
  • It could be created in anything, including Photoshop, including paper/pencil + scan. But: the end result should be in screen 5 format. So: sc5, ge5 and whatever screen 5 format I may have missed. (BMP2MSX)

Maybe in the end a weird picture disk with a gallery can be created from it, I could even create some silly background tune for it.. :P

Results should be posted here, so, find some file hosting if you don't have website. It'd be the most comfy if you could host both the screen 5 file and an image (gif, png or HQ jpg) to link to here.

I'll kick off with my three words:
- Toilet
- Cactus
- Parachute

First one to submit a good entry wins and gets to pick three new words, after which the whole thing starts again.

Yes? No questions? :o  Go! :RNFF:

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By Meits

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16-02-2012, 06:25

I think in images and have a brilliant one... It's just that I suck in drawing Tongue

By Akiguchi

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16-02-2012, 21:17

This is a brilliant idea, shame that I don't know how to draw! But I'll be checking here with all these crazy pictures.

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