small mentioning of MSX at

By wolf_

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22-03-2004, 01:38

In Hideo's biography, there's a little word about msx.

edit: until a certain parser bug is removed: go to, and search the imdb for 'metal gear' :)

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By cax

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22-03-2004, 10:22

WTF ? what does computer game in a list of movies ???

By anonymous

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22-03-2004, 13:17

my reaction exactly..

By ro

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22-03-2004, 13:49

Quick reply? this is new??

edit: oh, uhuh.. nevermind hmmm. Just read the frontpage news about mrc changes..uhuhu

By fondacio

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22-03-2004, 19:17

It has already been there for quite a while. Many computer games, recognisable by the (VG) extension, can be found in the IMDb. This is not so strange, considering the spin-offs of many movies which have started to include voice acting by the original actors several years ago (see, for example, this title search for Star Trek). Others, like Star Wars, have unknown or lesser known voice actors. In Metal Gear Solid, Solid Snake is always played by David Hayter, who, as you can see from his entry, has voiced other video games, some cartoons, and is also an actor. Not only that, he's also the screenplay writer for X-Men and X2.

Also interesting: Snatcher has two entries, one for the 1988 original and one for the 1996 version for Sega CD with voice acting (any MSX fan who hasn't played this version yet should do so as soon as possible; emulators are available, and the game can also be found easily. No links here for obvious reasons). MSX is mentioned in the Alternate versions section of the 1988 entry.

By anonymous

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06-04-2004, 13:09

MSX is mentioned in the Alternate versions section of the 1988 entry.

From the text on Alternate versions:

"The PC88 and MSX versions are virtually identical, aside from a few subtle differences. The game's visual window is four pixels wider on the PC88 version (384x200) compared to the MSX (352x200), showing a bit more of the scenery."

Since when do we have a 352x200 pixel screen mode? (Solid Snake running in screen mode 7?)
And since when is 384-352 = 4?

By anonymous

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06-04-2004, 14:11

The text is about Snatcher which does run in SCREEN 7.

By syn

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18-04-2004, 00:32

mmm than the MSX version was better running at 512x212x16 or something?


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18-04-2004, 01:26

yeah, it runs on 512*212*16. But if you ask me, it is just a dumb ass conversion of the PC88 version (or another version). If you whould look at konami graphics, you won't see any pixeling style as you whould see in the Snatcher.