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By Snake1922

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16-08-2018, 02:19

Hi guys! I'm trying to edit a few small details in the english translation on MG and MG2. I'm using a hex editor. So far I've changed "grey" to "gray" to reflect the american spelling, "u-form" to "en.un.", "Garzburg" to "Galzburg", and "earth\" to "planet", since "on the earth" sounded a little silly. I'm using the same number of characters when I edit to avoid text errors, since I'm a beginner. But I'm having some trouble with smaller words. I'm trying to change "Petrovich" into "Madnar". It shouldn't be a problem because "Madnar" is shorter, but everytime the game displays some weird sprites where the last three characters used to be. Any suggestions?
Also I noticed that I can't use the hex editor with MG2. What program should I use? Again I'm talking about very small edits. Thank you very much.

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By TheKid

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16-08-2018, 10:38

Suggestion, what if you replace the empty characters with spaces so the word madnar is as long as petrovich? Not ideal but if it hides the weird sprites it is something Smile

By Snake1922

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16-08-2018, 12:51

Yeah I tried. It replaces the four missing characters with sprites. I also tried to delete the last four characters but it just messes up the rom completely. But thanks anyway :-)

By Guillian

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16-08-2018, 14:57

Try adding a #FF at the end of the string. E.g.: 4D 41 44 4E 41 52 FF

By Snake1922

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16-08-2018, 15:48

It worked! Thank you so much! This is going to be fun :-D

By Snake1922

Rookie (17)

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16-08-2018, 15:50

Does anyone know what can I do about Metal Gear 2? The hex editor doesn't show text. From what I can understand it's a bigger game and everything is compressed

By sd_snatcher

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16-08-2018, 17:17

I'm under the impression that there was some sort of "MG2 translation toolkit". It was used to create the original and some other language translations, like the Brazilian Portuguese. You would be better using this instead of an HexEditor.

By Snake1922

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17-08-2018, 15:14

That would be perfect, thanks!
Does anyone know how to get it? I can't seem to find it on google :-(

By Randam

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17-08-2018, 20:29

Bifi released the latest update for it here:
Perhaps it's a good idea to contact him to update it or something?

By Vampier

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17-08-2018, 20:58

What Randam said ^^

By Manuel

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17-08-2018, 21:52

Snake1922 wrote:

"u-form" to "en.un."

Can you explain to me what this is? I'm interested in language-things Smile

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