Somebody to film this Nijmegen MSX Fair's quiz

By JohnHassink

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22-01-2019, 01:35

Hi. As some of you may know, this year's quiz will involve live piano music, with the participants having to guess from which game the song is (and bonus points for being able to pinpoint in what level/situation/cutscene/etc. that piece of music is played). Also, bonus points for knowing something else, which is not to be spoiled until the actual event.

Songs from MSX games being played live on piano, one could imagine, might be interesting for people who cannot attend the fair.
Is there someone attending the fair, who has access to reasonable filming equipment, who'd want to record the entirety of the quiz, at the cost of not being able to participate themselves?

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By turbor

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22-01-2019, 10:10

I wish I had reasonable filming equipment, so that I had a valid excuse for not displaying my lack of musical knowledge Tongue

By JohnHassink

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26-01-2019, 04:31

Thanks for all the support, interest and kind words guys, but I found a hero who will film it.

By hamlet

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26-01-2019, 12:12

I am so convinced that it will be fantastic and I am very much looking forward to the musical performance.

By Manuel

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26-01-2019, 13:09

Me too! Glad you found someone who can help.

By OeiOeiVogeltje

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27-01-2019, 01:58

im gonna be a moviestar!

By zett

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27-01-2019, 09:11

OeiOeiVogeltje wrote:

im gonna be a moviestar!

you are. queen oeioeivogeltje.

By ray2day

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27-01-2019, 09:34

oh lord oO

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