Sony XV-C900 MSXy?

By Manuel

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03-08-2020, 17:50

Did someone ever check whether this thing is MSXy?

Edit: hmm, it's a "Video Multi Color Corrector", so probably analogue stuff only and not MSXy.

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By enribar

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04-08-2020, 14:36

Very interesting, it has the V7040 on board:
and so there's a little of the MSX tech inside, as told here:

By lintweaker

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04-08-2020, 18:56

It has looks similar to the HBI-900 (Japanese). Probably from the same era.
Now I am going to watch that video again Smile

By Nprod

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05-08-2020, 10:48

I actually saw one of these cheap at the fleamarket earlier this year. Initially i got excited thinking it's an HBI-F900 from a distance, but after i saw what it was i passed on it. It's a pretty huge unit.