SVI-728 Case for 3d printer

By Palver

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02-12-2019, 16:29

Hi to all,

you can find in thingiverse the files to 3d print your own case for the Spectravideo SVI-728, my first computer.

As a curiosity, in the original case there are two surfaces that appear to break the rules of geometry. In fact, the designers were cheating and these two faces are not flat. The model in thingiverse solves the problem in a different way, that's why the dimensions are not the same.

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By Wild_Penguin

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03-12-2019, 14:15

Nice! If my SVI-728 case ever breaks, now I know how to print a replacement.

Do you have pictures of a printed, ready case (would be interesting to see some)?

By zett

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03-12-2019, 20:42

damn its just a cm to big for my printer

By Palver

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04-12-2019, 19:15

True, it is >400mm. With a standard printer you need to cut the parts. This is the case at 70% scale, the maximum that fits in my printer: