The Big Other Platform Versions of MSX Soundtracks Thread

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By ren

Paladin (1022)

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23-01-2018, 22:14

What? That's cool Smile

X68000's Xak soundtrack must be the most exuberant one.
It comes with some nice variations here & there, and the alternate opening tune (shared with PC-88) is GREAT. Of course Upsky of Fire Land (to stick with some alternate/familiar sounding naming here Wink) Badu's Menace is great here as well, pretty relentless :-D
Overall / in the end I do prefer the MSX OPLL+PSG version, but this one has some very(, very) nice renditions of some of our favourite tunes.

Picks (playlist, 9 items).

By Samor

Paragon (1941)

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24-01-2018, 19:52

JohnHassink wrote:

Wow, very good point, Samor. That can't be coincidence. I play(ed) that game on PS3 so I never even saw this. Shocked!

They eventually made both extra missions available on all platforms, this was originally only on Xbox. It makes sense, Metal Gear Rising was the first Metal Gear on the platform (that game also has a nice reference, in the first stage one of the buildings has a sign "Queen Oleen Hospital" Smile )

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