The magician of tiles

By gdx

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26-09-2020, 12:56

I just found out that is the real title of 牌の魔術師 (Hai no Majutsushi). This is not Mahjong 2.

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By Manuel

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26-09-2020, 22:39

As Wimpie's book says: "Hai no Majutsushi (Tile Magician in English) is the second Mah-jong game made by Konami."...

By gdx

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27-09-2020, 15:36

So Wimpie's book is the only one right. This is "The Tile Magician".

By babich

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28-09-2020, 21:51

Speaking of witch, in many websites I read "Hai no Majutsushi", but shouldn't it be "Pai no Majutsushi" instead?
I'm not fluent in Japanese but Japanese Youtube videos and Google Translate seem to agree. Or maybe it can be written in both ways?

By gdx

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29-09-2020, 02:20

Wikipedia says it can be written in both ways.

but I don't know if there is one preferably used in this case.

On the page below, this is Pai:

This page says Hai: