The Maze of Galious - MSX2 version!

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By ren

Paragon (1522)

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15-10-2020, 10:28

Farting hotdogs & hedgehogs, this is gonna be great! :murdock:

By Gloriou

Master (180)

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18-10-2020, 17:56

Such awesomeness!!
Can't wait for this..... Big smile

By Pablibiris

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25-10-2020, 18:05

max_iwamoto wrote:

I would keep PSG music as well and let player to choose between PSG or SCC. Because original soundtrack is classic.

Yes,please,PSG is a classic Smile

By Sander

Ambassador (1854)

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26-10-2020, 21:45

You can play the original for psg sound. Same counts for people who like the Konami gfx style better. Let Toni do his thing. (imho)

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