Tilburg - What should change

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By robertwilting

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29-04-2003, 13:25

Sorry but amersfoort is much more centered inNL.

From Hoogeveen to Tilburg and back was actually arround 6 hours travel for me. (But then again I visited all 3 floors. Smile )

I like the idea of haveing the fair as close as possible. But like you allready said everybody wants that. And Wolf allready mentioned that a fair in Hoogeveen wouldn't work out that well because of the distance and railway connection. (No intercity)

By snout

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29-04-2003, 14:07

I think a place like Utrecht or Amersfoort is ideal for an MSX fair in the Netherlands. I spent more time travelling to and from Tilburg than the entire fair last. It's something I do gladly for a fair like that.

By Hydragon

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29-04-2003, 14:22

And what about Limburg (to bring the MSX-spiritback), f.e. in Maastricht; Mecc!

By snout

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29-04-2003, 14:45

I'd have to travel even MORE Tongue

No, seriously... lets follow Rob Hiep's wise words first and do things step by step. The first step is to contact the CGV and let them know about our feelings. I already announced that the MRC will set up a letter which is to be sent to the CGV on behalf of all standholders (of course we will send the contents of the letters to the standholders first and see if they agree to them). Everything that happens after that depends on the reactions of the CGV. Possible options is that they decide to improve things themselves, that they ask one or more active MSX groups to help them with organisation or that they decide to scale down the CGV meeting, making it possible for one or more MSX groups to start a new, big msx fair. However like I said, that are many steps ahead.

IF a new fair at a new location is the outcome of the discussion between CGV and the MSX community, I think it would be best to host it somewhere in the middle of the Netherlands (thus Utrecht, Amersfoort) since those places are relatively good to reach for everyone. As for MSX in Limburg, Friesland or Groningen or Zeeland or... I think hosting new big international MSX fairs over there is not a good idea. (I'm not convinced yet), mainly because those locations are all too far away for a majority. However, maybe it's possible to do some (bi)-monthly club meetings over there too, just like in the old days .

Two to three big MSX user meetings (Bussum, Oss, Tilburg or its follow-up) are more than enough for the MSX community as it is now, but there can never be enough club-meetings! Smile

By Hydlide

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29-04-2003, 14:51

I don't know what the problem with Tilburg is, but from everywhere, you can get there by highway.. A'foort is 2.5h drive from S-Limburg, Tilburg 1.5h or less.
Tilburg is surrounded by highways: A58, A65, A261, coming from every direction.
edit: argh! I'm always confusing apeldoorn with amersfoort.. sigh.

anyway, it's always been Tilburg, but of course, if someone is willing to organise (don't underestimate the effort needed) somewhere else..

and koetje: MECC charges lots of eur$ for fairs.. not something which is doable for amateurs.. might be nice&close though Smile

By wolf_

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29-04-2003, 19:20

robert wilting, you are from hoogeveen ???

I raise my hand for Amersfoort, since it directly connects Amsterdam, Groningen, Leeuwarden, Enschede, Schiphol, and all cities in between. And it's only 15mins from Utrecht with the train.

By FiXato

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29-04-2003, 23:56

Amersfoort sounds nice to me as well. There leaves a train for Amersfoort from Haarlem Smile

By Grauw

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30-04-2003, 17:27

Same goes for Bussum, there's a direct connection to Amersfoort.

By snout

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30-04-2003, 18:23

Even Groningen has a direct connection to Amersfoort Tongue

By wolf_

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30-04-2003, 18:29

Bussum doesn't have an intercity station..

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