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By syn

Prophet (2069)

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16-07-2017, 22:58

Good to hear you are doing well Eric!

By Lazzeri

Champion (270)

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17-07-2017, 12:51

ericb59 wrote:

Hello guys !

I' m sorry to not gave you any news for so long time.
I come back home yesterday. So I can say all is on the good way... Both kidney and pancreas working normal until now. I'm still on a big treatment at home with 3 perfusions per day (drip ? Don't know exat name in english) and of course I 'm very tired.

Anyway thank to all people who posted a message or sent me an email, it gave me strength when I saw all of your nice messages.

I will need some time to fully come back in my life, but I can say right now I reborn on 21/06/2017 with this double transplantation !

See you soon guys !

Excellent news Eric! Really glad to hear you're back. Smile

I'm a phisician so I truly know what you just faced. Congratulations on your brand new life. No more diabetes or chronic renal failure. Brand new and happy life for you!

By alexito

Paladin (747)

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19-07-2017, 04:14

Eric. That's a great news. Just rest and get well because this community need people like you.

a Big Hug!


By gdx

Enlighted (4824)

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22-07-2017, 09:47

Great news. Smile
Eric, take your time to regain strength! We wait patiently your comeback. Bon courage!

By raulsantacruz

Hero (595)

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01-08-2017, 22:44

Hi Eric,

I'm so happy for your recovery!! Please, take time for your recovery and be patience!


By TroMax

Champion (269)

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20-08-2017, 20:34

Great news. Big smile

By enrijavibox

Master (186)

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20-08-2017, 21:33

Hi, good news, I hope you recover as soon as possible Eric. Do not forget me. A greeting.

By Oscar

Guardian (581)

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20-08-2017, 21:52

Good news Eric! I hope you will have a full recovery Smile

By carlosemandrade

Rookie (22)

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04-09-2017, 21:37

Have a full and great recovery Eric !

Btw, just arrived today Smile :

By carlosemandrade

Rookie (22)

carlosemandrade's picture

04-09-2017, 21:39

can't post a picture url. it`s my Uridium copy from Reprofactory

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