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15-01-2004, 22:13

djh submitted this as news, I thought it was more appropriate for our forums:

Is there any MSX users in the UK who would be interesting in organising a UK MSX fair? I am sure that it wont be as well attended as the fairs on the continent, but we can meet and swap ideas, maybe have a bring and buys. I dont know, but lets see if we have interest. When I asked a couple of years ago there was myself and two others interested. I am making no promises, but who knows what might happen ?

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16-01-2004, 00:01

I would be game but would depend if still in work and getting to were ever
im from Newark (nottinghamshire./ Lincolnshire boarders on the A1xA46 meet)

so if any one is passing and could pick me up for such a fair id be up for it

WELL looks like there would only be TWO of US