Update www.bas-ditta.info

By Repair-Bas

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28-12-2004, 15:49

Some updates:

The service-part of this website is now in two languages. Dutch and English.

Some new products are added to the lists.

We are still busy with making pictures of all products, items of my collection and other interresting things

In the Videopac-corner are a few new parts and we are very busy to make a Videopac game.

More news about this Videopac game is follewing.
Only at: www.bas-ditta.info

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By Repair-Bas

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29-12-2004, 18:13

again a big update.

By roadfighter

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29-12-2004, 23:32

Great update for the people outsite the netherlands.
Good luck with the videopac game.

By DarQ

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30-12-2004, 02:40