v99c37 ??

By Leo

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14-05-2010, 18:22


anyone knows the vcp ( video display co processor ) v99c37 ,was it included in v9938 or was it additional chip ( for digitize ? ) ?
i found it just by googling around ... some japanese post say it is connected on color bus and is used as pallette , in that case i wonder if the registers you that palette can be written through v9938 bus ...

i suspect v9958 as it included with the yjk/yae modes ...

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By msd

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15-05-2010, 15:50

where did you find the existence of the vcp?

By Leo

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15-05-2010, 16:46

end of page of :

and there are some mention in some blogs in japanese about the eventuality of thischipbeing a palette add on.

By Takamichi

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15-02-2020, 05:47

I obtained the Yamaha's ad for V99C37 mentioned in the Wikipedia, but the only information there is it's "V9938's coprocessor". Here
I don't know what kind of graphics V99C37 could display and I no longer own the Captain Multi Station, but the Captain System graphics were like these so it had been comparable.