VOTE for MSX in morphgear!!!!

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By SolidEric

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14-01-2004, 14:14

only 45 votes?

Have you noticed how "many" votes the others have? Smile

By Niles

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14-01-2004, 14:44

wow, this seems to work ! Big smile

I usually play with morphgear to SMS and GB games, and it's very funny. I hope they will do the same great job with the MSX... Smile

By elements

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14-01-2004, 23:04

Is rumsx possible to compile to dreamcast system? cozz the sh4 chip is really powerfull?
Also morphgear for the dreamcast if u have the sourcecode?

At this moment my dreamcast is running on linux as firewall/router .

By elements

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17-01-2004, 16:43

how many msx pocketpc emulators does exist?

msxplayer for pocketpc and fmsxce?

By mars2000you

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17-01-2004, 17:13

There's also PocketMSX :

By elements

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31-01-2004, 11:45

when is the v9990 emulation comming? its cool if it is there!!! special for softwaredevolpment!!

By anonymous

incognito ergo sum (109)

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31-01-2004, 14:47

V9990 emulation is in planning stages for openMSX emu. Don't expect it any time soon, but who knows...

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