W: Questions for interview with Dutch Philips ex-employee

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By T.R.

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03-08-2020, 18:16

Metalion wrote:
T.R. wrote:

This system looks similar to a development system from -if I remember correctly- Motorola, that was used by Konami for development of MSX games.

No, it was an HP system. The HP 64000.

Yes that's the one.

Sandy Brand wrote:

So this PMDS system was some seriously impressive hardware back then: Motorola 68000 processor, 20MB of hard drive, 256MB of RAM, etc. with a worth of 42k+ Euros in today's money (the article actually quoted a wrong conversion value).

Indeed. And I suppose that Philips also supplied the necessary hardware modules to emulate an actual MSX with this system, meaning that this might be historically one of the most advanced MSX compatible systems out there :-)

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